Shawniece Jackson & Jephte Pierre from Married at First Sight Season 6

Shawniece Jackson & Jephte Pierre


Shawniece Jackson
Shawniece is a 29-year-old entrepreneur and cosmetologist living in Providence, RI. She’s the oldest of ten brothers and sisters and loves having a big family. Although her parents never married, Shawniece was fortunate enough to witness what a healthy relationship looks like, through her mother’s marriage to her step-father. Shawniece wants to be with a man who can keep up with her fun, energetic personality and needs someone with a sense of humor, who can make her laugh and keep her grounded. Laziness is an absolute deal-breaker for Shawniece, who values hard work and determination. Shawniece’s dating life has proven unsuccessful due to men not being ready to settle down. She believes that with the experts’ help, she will without a doubt, find her one true love.

Jephte Pierre
Jephte is a 26-year-old second grade teacher, living in Boston, MA. As the oldest of fourteen children, he is a natural leader and took on the role of a father-figure to his younger siblings growing up. Although his parents are still together, he doesn’t exactly admire their marriage and looks to others for relationship inspiration and advice. Dating has been extremely difficult for Jephte, who is looking for an outgoing, mature and confident woman. He is not interested in anyone with baggage from a past relationship and finds laziness to be a big turn off. He’s ready for the ultimate commitment and is excited for the experts to find his soulmate.