Jasmine and Will from Married at First Sight Season 8

Jasmine McGriff & Will Guess


Jasmine McGriff
Jasmine, 29, is a Philadelphia native who was raised in a traditional household with traditional gender roles. Her loving parents married later in Jasmine and her younger brother’s lives, and have seventeen years of marital bliss under their belt. Her family is very close- knit and spend most holidays together. 
Jasmine is self-sufficient and independent. She owns her own home, has a big work promotion on the horizon, and is surrounded by the love of great friends and family. The only missing piece is a person with whom she can share her life. She aspires to build the same kind of love and stability with which she was raised and hopes the panel of experts in the Married at First Sight experiment will uncover her Barack Obama. 

Will Guess
Will was raised by his mother and felt blessed to not only have a great father but a wonderful step-father as well. Family is of the utmost importance to Will. 
Will believes marriage is the overall goal in life. He has accomplished many milestones, but finding a partner and building a family are two things he has yet to attain. He is financially, emotionally, and mentally ready for the next phase in his life, and is eager to see if the panel of experts in the Married at First Sight experiment can help him find his perfect match. 
Although he is the only single guy amongst his friends, he loves to spend as much time as possible with married couples because he feels it gives him the best insight in what to expect in a marriage.