Mia Bally & Tristan Thompson


Mia Bally
Mia is a 29-year-old airline recruiter living in Dallas, TX. Her parents have been married for over thirty years and she has learned a lot about love and commitment by the example set forth by their relationship. As a devout Christian, Mia is very involved with her church, therefore wants to be with someone who values their faith just as much as she does. She is looking for a man who is loyal, has a great sense of humor and strong communication skills. Men with big egos and a track record of being unfaithful need not apply for Mia’s heart as she will not even look their way. Mia has exhausted all dating options and believes that with the experts’ help, she will find a man who can fully commit and one that will be an equal, loving partner.

Tristan Thompson
Twenty-nine-year-old Tristan is a business owner living in Dallas, TX. He is a former collegiate and semi-pro basketball player who recently opened up a tutoring center that helps students prepare for college. Although his parents are divorced, Tristan looks up to his grandparents’ sixty-five-year loving relationship as something to strive for in his future. Loyalty, communication and a great sense of humor are the most important qualities he is looking for in a woman. He was raised a strict Baptist and continues to pray and meditate on a daily basis, so he would like for his future wife to share the same religious beliefs. A deal breaker for Tristan is someone who lacks respect for themselves or others. Since his last relationship, Tristan has grown tremendously by learning to accept his imperfections and implementing positive changes in his life. He is confident he will be a great husband and trusts the experts to find him the right woman who he can make a lifelong commitment to.