Amber Martorana & Dave Flaherty


Amber Martorana
Amber is a 36-year-old Division Order Analyst living in Dallas, TX. Growing up, Amber’s parents did not have the best marriage and sadly, they ended up getting divorced when she was in her twenties. Because of this, she is very picky and cautious when it comes to dating. Amber is looking for a confident, successful man who is trustworthy, outgoing and kind. She refuses to be with someone who is arrogant and judgmental. A positive attitude is vital to the success of any relationship and her partner must possess this quality. She is tired of dating liars and cheats and feels as if she has exhausted all options in Dallas. She is convinced the experts have what it takes to find her the most compatible match, who she can build an amazing future with.

Dave Flaherty
Dave is a 37-year-old senior portfolio manager, living in Dallas, TX. He grew up and attended college in California and now has a great career in finance, where he is a partner in his firm. Dave is looking for someone who is kind, strong-minded, independent, intelligent and loyal. He wants a woman who is outgoing but does not mind staying in some nights cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie. Pushing forty, he never thought he would be the last of his friends to remain a bachelor. He is at a point in his life where he is financially and emotionally ready to settle down and cannot wait to meet his future wife.