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Season 2 (0)

3 Seasons | 0 Episodes

 1 Psych/Sick
S 2 E 1


Aired on Dec 30, 2015

A shocking love triangle could destroy a family when past entanglements are discovered. And, a woman crosses dangerous lines in her pursuit of motherhood.

 2 Torn/Gone
S 2 E 2


Aired on Jan 06, 2016

A woman risks it all for a hot young artist. And, years after faking her own death, a woman returns to reclaim her husband and son.

 3 Hookup/Manslaughter
S 2 E 3


Aired on Jan 13, 2016

A steamy Tinder date leaves a woman thinking she found “the one”, but the truth behind his story is one she’ll never get over. And, a single mother puts everything on the line for a dangerous love affair.

 4 Promotion/Engaged
S 2 E 4


Aired on Jan 20, 2016

A woman will stop at nothing to get ahead at work, and as a young couple prepares to get married, mysteries and lies may bring it all to a halt.

 5 Stalked/Education
S 2 E 5


Aired on Jan 27, 2016

A man finds himself haunted by his bad choices, and a marriage is put to the test when promises and trust are broken.

 6 Denial/Hardcore
S 2 E 6


Aired on Feb 03, 2016

Lifelong bonds are broken by competition and betrayal, and a man’s buried secrets begin to haunt him at every turn.

 7 Addicted/Politics
S 2 E 7


Aired on Mar 16, 2016

An author’s secret past might destroy everything he’s worked for and a public figure’s indiscretions threaten his campaign and his family.

 8 Fame / Heart
S 2 E 8

Fame / Heart

Aired on Mar 23, 2016

Liam, a 52-year-old actor, is on the verge of booking his next big role overseas. But trouble at home with his wife and stepdaughter threatens to destroy everything. And a 32-year-old delivery nurse’s reckless mistake could tear two families apart and put a baby’s life in danger.

 9 Premature; Skeletons
S 2 E 9

Premature; Skeletons

Aired on Mar 30, 2016
A pregnant woman's perfect life is not all it appears to be and a dead father's secret life is haunting those he's left behind.
 10 Scandal; Framed
S 2 E 10

Scandal; Framed

Aired on Apr 06, 2016
A celebrity couple's perfect marriage masks a dark secret. And when an old flame ignites, a high school counselor's life is turned inside out.
 11 Hard Body; Full Service
S 2 E 11

Hard Body; Full Service

Aired on Apr 13, 2016
A fitness trainer crosses the line, creating a dangerous love triangle. And an upscale restaurant dishes out lies, betrayal and a scandalous secret.

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