I Love You ... But I Lied

About the Show

Inspired by real stories of personal betrayal and family secrets, LMN’s original series, “I Love You…But I Lied,” returns for more scandalous tales of infidelity, deceit, and downright lies. Based on the successful Dutch series Behind Closed Doors, each episode features two stories where the liar is ultimately caught in the act, confronted by the betrayed and forced to reckon with the consequences.

The second season opens with the stories of a shocking love triangle that threatens to destroy a family and a woman who crosses dangerous lines in her pursuit of motherhood.

“I Love You…But I Lied” is produced for LMN by Original Media. Daniel Laikind, Patrick Moses and Michael Selditch are executive producers for Original Media. Laura Fleury and Jennifer Wagman serve as executive producers for LMN.

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