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 9 The Final Straw
S 1 E 9

The Final Straw

Aired on Sep 20, 2017

In the explosive finale episode, tensions boil over when Kelly invites everyone to a sleepover at her Santa Ynez ranch. Andrea, Cambrie and Faith find themselves under attack for being entitled and standoffish, but they’ve finally had enough and decide to fight back. Krista wants to make peace with all the women, but her unconventional techniques only leave them worse off. Atiana finally gets to meet with her father, and Arissa inspires her mother withthe success she’s starting to attain.

 8 The Double Standard
S 1 E 8

The Double Standard

Aired on Sep 20, 2017

Beverly organizes a major industry meet-and-greet for all the kids, but Shanna and Atiana risk insulting her when they refuse to play by the rules. After Andrea’s apology fails to impress, she calls out the group for their hypocrisy. Arissa earns the admiration of her mother Kelly when she finds herself on a winning streak in her modeling career.

 7 Super Insulting
S 1 E 7

Super Insulting

Aired on Sep 20, 2017

Cambrie offends Shanna by refusing to participate in her photo shoot, and Andrea makes matters far worse when she comes to her daughter’s defense. Atiana plans a blowout party for her 18th birthday, but risks heartbreak when she pins all her hopes on the attendance of her father, famous boxer Oscar® De La Hoya.

 6 Striking Out
S 1 E 6

Striking Out

Aired on Sep 20, 2017

Andrea brings in help to try to make peace with Cambrie and Faith, but a visitor throws her over the emotional edge. Cairo lashes out at her friends after suffering a major setback in her modeling career, and JD gets put in his place by all the single mothers when he keeps trying to fix their problems.

 5 Strike Two
S 1 E 5

Strike Two

Aired on Sep 13, 2017

Krista encourages Andrea to get stricter with her kids, but Cambrie and Faith aren’t having it. Shanna goes on the offensive when rumors circulate about her daughter crashing a party. JD saves the day at a fashion event when he teaches the kids how to properly strut their stuff on the runway, but Atiana’s insecurities threaten to keep her on the sidelines.

 4 Mama Bears
S 1 E 4

Mama Bears

Aired on Sep 06, 2017
When Cairo tries to renew her relationship with her estranged father, Beverly's lack of support opens up new wounds in their relationship. Shanna wastes no time in confronting Andrea over her disapproval of Atiana. JD takes it upon himself to get involved in Arissa's personal business, and when Faith continues her reckless spending, Cambrie takes matters into her own hands to teach her sister some responsibility.
 3 The Hookup Culture
S 1 E 3

The Hookup Culture

Aired on Aug 30, 2017
Andrea Schroder angers her daughters when she worries that Atiana's participation in "hook up culture" makes her a bad influence on Faith. Janis and his father JD finally get cleared to come to America to pursue their modeling dreams, but a snag in their visa status throws their move into doubt. When Arissa opens up to her new friends about her strained family relationships, Kelly worries her honesty could cause problems. Despite the birth of her new baby sister, Cairo remains determined to throw the perfect surprise baby shower for Beverly.
 2 Daddy Issues
S 1 E 2

Daddy Issues

Aired on Aug 23, 2017

With Beverly Peele about to give birth, Cairo struggles to contain her feelings of resentment towards the new baby. When a surprise visitor arrives in town, Cambrie and Faith Schroder are forced to deal with the intense emotions sparked by their parents’ divorce. Atiana De La Hoya invites her new friends to a photo shoot, but Cambrie deems it unprofessional, and Kelly Le Brock finds herself at the center of attention when she meets the rest of the group.

 1 The New Wave
S 1 E 1

The New Wave

Aired on Aug 16, 2017

In the premiere episode, a group of hot young models with celebrity parents become fast friends at a photo shoot in Los Angeles. Cambrie Schroder’s decision to move out devastates her mother Andrea, who is already dealing with a divorce. Cairo pushes her supermodel mother, Beverly Peele, to help her on an important photo shoot, while Kelly Le Brock struggles to help daughter Arissa with her plus-size modeling career, and Shanna Moakler pushes daughter Atiana De La Hoya to take advantage of her opportunities.

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