Season 4 (15)

17 Seasons | 444 Episodes, 330 Unlocked

Episode 0 Matchmaking Special Supersized
S 4 E 0

Matchmaking Special Supersized

Aired on Jul 26, 2016

(1 hour.) Married at First Sight, one of the nation’s most controversial social experiments returns. Over 30,000 candidates nationwide have applied to have a team of relationship experts arrange their marriage. Dr. Pepper Schwartz is joined by two new relationship experts in this extensive overview of the matchmaking process, which introduces the experiment and the candidates brave enough to marry a stranger. The experts will select three compatible couples who will marry at first sight.

Episode 1 Wedding Preparations
S 4 E 1

Wedding Preparations

Aired on Jul 26, 2016

Married at First Sight is back for a season 4. Six new singles are preparing to marry a complete stranger in this controversial social experiment. The participants find out who they’ve been matched with and have just 2 weeks to prepare for their weddings. The preparations are filled with high emotions as they come to terms with being engaged to a complete stranger.

Episode 2 The Weddings
S 4 E 2

The Weddings

Aired on Aug 02, 2016

Today is the wedding day. Six courageous singles looking for love are about to take a huge leap of faith and legally say ‘I do’ to a complete stranger. Will Derek prove to be the good guy Heather is hoping for? Sonia is attracted to her new husband, but, is Nick attracted to her? Will Lillian’s dream of the perfect wedding be washed away by rain?

Episode 3 Just Married
S 4 E 3

Just Married

Aired on Aug 09, 2016

The brave newlyweds who married as strangers are about to experience time alone for the very first time on their wedding night; will the couples experience a night of passion? Relationship expert, Rachel DeAlto, visits each couple to give them advice before they head off to their honeymoons. Sonia and Nick work on overcoming their insecurities; Heather and Derek start to learn about each other’s habits; and as Tom and Lillian grow closer, Tom keeps a secret from Lillian.

Episode 4 Honeymoons, Pt. 1
S 4 E 4

Honeymoons, Pt. 1

Aired on Aug 16, 2016

The three couples who were married as strangers are now on their honeymoons. Will they be overcome with passion and desire or will there be trouble in paradise? Tom and Lillian take their relationship to the next level; Sonia misinterprets Nick’s intentions; Heather’s concerns about Derek bubble to the surface.

Episode 5 Honeymoons, Pt. 2
S 4 E 5

Honeymoons, Pt. 2

Aired on Aug 23, 2016

The three couples are still on their honeymoons. As Tom and Lillian grow closer, Tom continues to worry about the secret he is keeping from his new wife; Nick and Sonia reveal their competitive spirit to one another; after a brief stint of hope for Heather and Derek, new conflicts erupt within their relationship.

Episode 6 For Richer or Poorer
S 4 E 6

For Richer or Poorer

Aired on Aug 30, 2016

The honeymoons are over and the couples must decide where they want to live and take the next step by moving in together. Lillian discovers for the first time that Tom lives in a bus; Sonia must come to terms with her fear of dogs as husband Nick has two; Heather and Derek have a sit down with Pastor Calvin Roberson in a desperate attempt to save their already crumbling marriage.

Episode 7 For Better or Worse
S 4 E 7

For Better or Worse

Aired on Sep 06, 2016

The three couples come face to face with reality and the daily struggles of married life. Tom and Lillian clash on their views of having children; Sonia gets to know her in-laws but she and Nick continue to struggle at communicating effectively; Heather and Derek must decide on their next steps.

Episode 8 To Have and To Hold
S 4 E 8

To Have and To Hold

Aired on Sep 13, 2016

The three couples who met and married as strangers tackle emotional and physical intimacy issues effecting their marriages. Lillian and Tom meet with relationship expert Rachel DeAlto; Nick and Sonia visit a tantric healer; Heather and Derek evaluate the future.

Episode 9 In Sickness and In Health
S 4 E 9

In Sickness and In Health

Aired on Sep 20, 2016

The three couples who met and married at strangers continue to navigate married life. Lillian tries to give Tom a memorable birthday; Derek and Heather reflect on their journey so far; Nick feels Sonia pushes him too far.

Episode 10 Naked Truth
S 4 E 10

Naked Truth

Aired on Sep 27, 2016

The couples face issues head on as their relationships continue to grow. Nick and Sonia reveal a big secret; Lillian is nervous about the future with Tom; Derek and Heather reflect on the good times.

Episode 11 To Love and To Cherish
S 4 E 11

To Love and To Cherish

Aired on Oct 04, 2016

The three couples that were married at first sight learn about the importance of trust in their relationships. Will their marriages flourish?

Episode 12 In-Laws
S 4 E 12


Aired on Oct 11, 2016

With the experiment almost coming to a close, the couples spend time with each other’s families on Mother’s Day. Will they get along with their in-laws on their first holiday together?

Episode 13 Forsaking All Others
S 4 E 13

Forsaking All Others

Aired on Oct 18, 2016

With just one week left until decision day, Dr. Pepper sends the couples on a second honeymoon. It’s a last chance for romance; can the marriages grow into lasting love?

Episode 14 Till Death Do Us Part
S 4 E 14

Till Death Do Us Part

Aired on Oct 25, 2016

Six weeks ago, three couples met at the altar and married as complete strangers. They were matched by experts, but now it’s up to them to decide whether or not to continue their relationships. Will they stay married or opt for a divorce?

Episode 15 After the Decision
S 4 E 15

After the Decision

Aired on Nov 01, 2016

Three couples were matched to marry as strangers at first sight. After going on a honeymoon, moving in together, and living as husband and wife for several weeks–they made a decision to either stay together or get a divorce. Now time has passed, and the experts travel back to Miami to check in on how each has fared since the cameras left.

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