Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits

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Episode 7 High Hair, High Tea
S 1 E 7

High Hair, High Tea

Aired on Feb 22, 2024

While in London, Theresa visits a hatmaker to dress for high tea, and is surprised when the hatmaker turns down a reading. At tea, Theresa conducts an emotional group reading, even channeling the loved one of a stunned British crew member. A young woman heals before our eyes as she finds closure and forgives herself after reuniting with her stepfather from beyond. After arriving back on Long Island, a tea party with Theresa’s granddaughter, Michelina, goes haywire.

Episode 6 Hello, London!
S 1 E 6

Hello, London!

Aired on Feb 15, 2024

Theresa is a nervous wreck trying to figure out what to pack for her very first visit to the UK. Before departing she sages Victoria’s house and brings a pre-housewarming gift to encourage her to move out while she’s gone. After her first tour performances there, she pulls off a jaw-dropping surprise on a double decker bus! A couple is blown away by the specific details that Theresa channels about their son. While at a cake shop, Theresa can’t shake the feeling of a mysterious presence.

Episode 5 A Very Caputo Wedding
S 1 E 5

A Very Caputo Wedding

Aired on Feb 08, 2024

Say ciao with Theresa and the Caputos as the big day finally arrives! Theresa and her family travel to Lake Como, Italy for the long-awaited wedding between Larry Jr and Leah. Spirit can’t help but be part of the prep, as Theresa channels while shopping for her granddaughter’s outfit for the wedding. While getting fitted for her own dress, Theresa spots a sewing machine identical to her grandmother’s, which spurns a touching reading for the tailor. In a group reading, a woman who feels she never gets signs from her mother seeks Theresa’s help.

Episode 4 Theresa's Holy House
S 1 E 4

Theresa's Holy House

Aired on Feb 01, 2024

An emotional Theresa finds out her father-in-law has passed and then feels his presence in the following days while shopping for Holy Water. Meanwhile, in a raucous group reading on Long Island, a son’s path is endorsed by his late mother, a woman is reunited with her husband whose photo she keeps in her bra, and one woman becomes a believer when Theresa hits every message with a resounding validation.

Episode 3 Dancing with Spirit
S 1 E 3

Dancing with Spirit

Aired on Feb 01, 2024

Always game to try new things, Theresa and Kiana attend a line-dancing class in Dallas. While there, Theresa conducts an impromptu group reading that leaves several cowboys in tears. Later on Long Island, Theresa’s quick trip to a facialist turns into another monumental moment, as a woman is connected with her father after his death from a long and harrowing illness. A friendly game of pickleball between Theresa and her dad somehow ignites family chaos back at the house.

Episode 2 Mother Knows Best
S 1 E 2

Mother Knows Best

Aired on Jan 25, 2024

Whether she is traveling or back at home in Long Island, Theresa is never off the clock! While she is channeling spirits, Theresa is also challenging herself by facing her fear of heights and encouraging her daughter to move into her brand new house. Meanwhile on the road, Theresa connects an unexpecting tourist with an important message from her deceased parents, gives Kianna some heartfelt closure and surprises a loving mom with an incredible gift for Mother’s Day.

Episode 1 Theresa's Back
S 1 E 1

Theresa's Back

Aired on Jan 25, 2024

Psychic medium Theresa Caputo is back and going global with her incredible gift of communicating with the dead. She still lives in Long Island, but her world looks a lot different now. She’s single, a grandma and would be an empty nester if her daughter Victoria and her family weren’t too comfortable to leave. With a tour coming up, Theresa decides to do a reading in town before heading off and ends up getting a surprise from her clients that she’ll never forget.

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