Season 3 (13)

5 Seasons | 57 Episodes, 57 Unlocked

Episode 1 Look Who's Back
S 3 E 1

Look Who's Back

Aired on Jan 13, 2017

Five kid artists join Jermaine Dupri in Atlanta for his 13 week rapper boot camp as they compete for a record contract with So So Def. JD’s crew, including Da Brat, mentor the rappers so they can make a good first impression on Fabolous. One young rapper shocks everyone.

Episode 2 Like a Boss
S 3 E 2

Like a Boss

Aired on Jan 20, 2017

Rick Ross joins Jermaine Dupri as he challenges his five young rappers to write a rap about their work ethic. Two rappers butt heads, while one manager becomes suspicious of another.

Episode 3 We Have A Dream
S 3 E 3

We Have A Dream

Aired on Jan 27, 2017

For inspiration, Jermaine Dupri takes the five young rappers to meet Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter, Rev Bernice A. King. Later, the rappers are challenged to write a 12-bar verse about their dream and perform with a choir at the Sweet Auburn Music Festival. Two managers go head-to-head, while one artist struggles to keep it together.

Episode 4 Poncho vs. Dashiki
S 3 E 4

Poncho vs. Dashiki

Aired on Feb 03, 2017

Jermaine Dupri invites celebrity stylist April Roomet and superstar rapper Jeezy to inspire the five young rappers to amp up their style and stand out. The kids have to hit the streets, earn money, and go shopping for a photoshoot. One rapper copies another, while one young artist struggles to break free from a celebrity comparison.

Episode 5 Roll Wit It
S 3 E 5

Roll Wit It

Aired on Feb 10, 2017

Rappers iHeartMemphis and iAmDLOW give the five young rappers a lesson on generating buzz. Jermaine Dupri challenges the kids to come up with a signature dance, that they must write, record and shoot a viral video for as well. One young artist struggles with dancing, while one team accuses another of copying material.

Episode 6 So Hype!
S 3 E 6

So Hype!

Aired on Feb 17, 2017

After the kids get feedback from a focus group, one gets over confident while another experiences a reality check. Can superstar mentor Jadakiss help the young rappers turn haters into fans?

Episode 7 Fight For Your Spot
S 3 E 7

Fight For Your Spot

Aired on Feb 24, 2017

JD brings the group to his interview with The Durtty Boyz at Hot 107.9, where they throw the kids an unexpected challenge. With the threat of elimination, one rapper gets shaken to the core.

Episode 8 You Thought
S 3 E 8

You Thought

Aired on Mar 03, 2017

JD mixes up the management teams, and then challenges the young rappers to write, record, and shoot a music video with past The Rap Game winners Miss Mulatto and Mani. Can Ekko help Roscoe make it to the top or will Jasmine and Deetranada blow everyone’s minds?

Episode 9 Dat Way
S 3 E 9

Dat Way

Aired on Mar 10, 2017

JD splits the young rappers into two teams and challenges them to perform at a high school halftime show. Can superstar mentors Da Brat and Bryan-Michael Cox bring their teams to a whole new level?

Episode 10 Shut Up and Train
S 3 E 10

Shut Up and Train

Aired on Mar 17, 2017

Kelly Rowland and her personal trainer Mr. Shut Up and Train visit the five young rappers. Later, JD tests the kids’ on both their mental and physical stamina in the Catch the Beat challenge. Will Kelly’s advice help the kids take their performance to the next level?

Episode 11 Full Court Press
S 3 E 11

Full Court Press

Aired on Mar 24, 2017

Bow Wow stops by the house to help hone the five young rappers’ media skills to help prepare them for a press conference, television interview and photo shoot for True Star Jr. Magazine. But when Nova throws another artist under the bus, will his smack talk backfire?

Episode 12 Don't Underestimate Nobody
S 3 E 12

Don't Underestimate Nobody

Aired on Mar 31, 2017

One week before signing an artist to So So Def, JD tests the young rappers in a battle rap. Iconic rappers John John Da Don, Arsonal, Charlie Clips, DNA, and Calicoe train and prepare the group. One rapper is sorely underestimated, while another makes an unforgettable decision.

Episode 13 One Contract, One Chain
S 3 E 13

One Contract, One Chain

Aired on Apr 07, 2017

After thirteen weeks of grueling challenges, the artists prepare for the biggest moment of their lives — the final performance. JD makes his decision and awards one young rapper the chain and a contract with So So Def.

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