Season 5 (19)

8 Seasons | 149 Episodes

Episode 1 Spa Day Sparring
S 5 E 1

Spa Day Sparring

Aired on Jul 13, 2016

With the birth of her twins rapidly approaching, Elena is feeling the stress of becoming a new mommy and invites the girls to a relaxing spa retreat. However, since Christy filed the police report against Terra for assault with a deadly glass of tea, the two have yet to settle their differences. Briana is a no show at the spa, and a cryptic text from Matt has everyone worried for her safety. After the spa, the men join the ladies for dinner, and Joe can no longer hold back his true feelings about Christy.

Episode 2 Drama & Drag Queens
S 5 E 2

Drama & Drag Queens

Aired on Jul 20, 2016

After a not so relaxing spa retreat, Christy finds herself as the odd man out. But when the girls find themselves at a Drag Queen Convention, will Christy prove to be the biggest drama queen of them all? Meanwhile, Terra’s appointment at her OBGYN provides big news that could change the remainder of her pregnancy. And as the whereabouts of Briana remain a mystery, will the girls ever see her again?

Episode 3 Lost & Found
S 5 E 3

Lost & Found

Aired on Jul 27, 2016

After eight days in the hospital, Briana deals with the emotional trauma of her near death experience, but also sets the record straight with the ladies regarding why she’s been in hiding. Christy faces the repercussions of going behind Briana’s back, even if she thinks her actions are justified. Meanwhile, after 20 years in an on and off relationship, Tonya and Kerwin finally move in together, but it’s not completely smooth sailing. Jasmine has some health concerns of her own, with some big news that will change her family forever.

Episode 4 Twins and Tears
S 5 E 4

Twins and Tears

Aired on Aug 03, 2016

Jasmine hosts Briana’s baby shower, but with Briana at odds with the other girls over Matt, Jasmine hopes her guest list has more than one invitee. Christy contemplates her friendship with Briana, but learns Briana has no plans for BFF reconciliation anytime soon. Meanwhile, Tonya is ecstatic that Kerwin has finally moved in with her, but their relationship faces its first obstacle as her past with Jaa rears its ugly head. And Elena is rushed to the hospital after her blood pressure skyrockets due to her Preeclampsia. With the prospect of an emergency C-section and delivering at 34 weeks, will Elena and both of the babies pull through?

Episode 5 Deconstructive Criticism
S 5 E 5

Deconstructive Criticism

Aired on Aug 10, 2016

Elena is finally released from the hospital after giving birth to her twins, but with her boys still in the NICU, she must continue to face a harsh reality. Christy and Todd get a health scare of their own when their daughter Autumn is rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Tonya’s new and improved Boss Body Active Wear line is ready for its debut, but when Terra sees the new logo, she is worried that Tonya is headed for another failed business attempt. As she deals with the fallout, Tonya is also given an ultimatum when Kerwin demands that she break off her business relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

Episode 6 Tough as Nails
S 5 E 6

Tough as Nails

Aired on Aug 17, 2016

After receiving an ultimatum, Tonya tries to prove to Kerwin that her ex-boyfriend means nothing to her, but when the two men meet for the first time things don’t go according to plan. Meanwhile, Elena is over the moon as the twins are finally released from the hospital, but she shocks Terra when she confesses that she would rather the babies not be Little People. Tonya tries to get the girls together to volunteer and build houses for Habitat LA, but between her rocky relationship with Terra, and Terra’s explosive relationship with Christy, will they do more harm than good?

Episode 7 Wild West Showdown
S 5 E 7

Wild West Showdown

Aired on Aug 24, 2016

Wanting her Texas man to feel at home in LA, Tonya plans a Western party for Kerwin. Terra is shocked to find out she didn’t make the guest list even though her nemesis Christy did. Will she go too far in an attempt to get an invite by secretly meeting with Tonya’s daughter? Meanwhile, Briana finds herself in legal trouble, and is positive that Christy is the mastermind behind it all.

Episode 8 Pre-Pop Party
S 5 E 8

Pre-Pop Party

Aired on Aug 31, 2016

After being served papers, Briana questions Christy’s involvement with her legal troubles and wonders if she is breaking her sobriety. Terra and Tonya have been on the outs, but when they meet up to talk through their issues, Terra reveals secrets that Tonya’s daughter told her that could threaten to split the family apart. When Briana and Matt open up their home to celebrate their upcoming birth, Jasmine can’t keep her feelings about Matt’s infidelity to herself any longer. And just when they think the storm as passed, another health scare sends the couple racing to the hospital.

Episode 9 Murder She Wrote
S 5 E 9

Murder She Wrote

Aired on Sep 07, 2016

Briana recovers from a very difficult pregnancy while her new baby is monitored in the NICU. Elena and Terra plan a Murder Mystery Party, even though a bigger mystery lies with the level of involvement Christy had with Briana being served legal papers. And Terra is given a once in a lifetime opportunity, but will the physical requirements put her at risk for bodily harm.

Episode 10 Plastic Problems
S 5 E 10

Plastic Problems

Aired on Sep 14, 2016

Terra gets her dance on when her friend Jason visits from New York, and reveals a secret to him that she’s too scared to tell the girls. Meanwhile, Jasmine questions Christy about meddling in Briana’s life, and Christy becomes frustrated that nobody trusts her word. In a quest to reveal the truth once and for all, she arrives with a surprise guest to Tonya’s photo shoot. But instead proving herself to the girls, all hell breaks loose.

Episode 11 Birthday Blowout
S 5 E 11

Birthday Blowout

Aired on Sep 21, 2016

With Elena’s mom and sister visiting from Russia, Preston plans a huge surprise birthday party, that ultimately leaves Elena in tears. Terra and Joe finally find their dream home, but when the seller refuses to leave, buying a house becomes a nightmare. And after the chaos Christy caused at Tonya’s photo-shoot, neither girl is backing down to admit they were wrong, and explode yet again into an all out brawl.

Episode 12 Belly Dance Battle
S 5 E 12

Belly Dance Battle

Aired on Sep 28, 2016

Jasmine worries that an off handed comment Terra made, is actually a sign that their friendship isn’t as strong as Jasmine thought it was. Tonya suspects her daughter is keeping a secret about her dating life, and thinks it’s going to make the rift in their relationship even bigger. And Terra organizes a Belly Dancing class, to inspire the girls to stop fighting and find their Zen again. But an argument erupts when Jasmine blindsides Terra about her hurt feelings, and Tonya sticks her foot in her mouth accidentally dredging up issues from the past.

Episode 13 Terra's Growing Family
S 5 E 13

Terra's Growing Family

Aired on Oct 05, 2016

After being isolated from the girls for weeks, Christy reaches out to Jasmine to help her mend fences, but Jasmine is reluctant that anyone will be willing to give her another shot. Briana and Tonya face off as Tonya continues to doubt Briana’s ability to raise an average size child. Meanwhile, with Terra just days away from delivering her second baby, work takes Joe out of the country. Will Joe arrive home in time to be in the delivery room to meet his new son or daughter?

Episode 14 Name Game
S 5 E 14

Name Game

Aired on Oct 12, 2016

After receiving threats, Briana goes to extreme measures to protect her family, despite objections from the other girls. Terra and Joe struggle to agree on a name for their newborn son, after Joe backs out of the original name they had chosen. Meanwhile, Elena and Briana host a “Sip and See” to show off their babies. Tonya and Briana say they’ll be willing to give Christy another chance if she issues a sincere apology to them, but when Elena meets privately with Christy, she’s not willing to meet their terms.

Episode 15 High Stakes Friendship
S 5 E 15

High Stakes Friendship

Aired on Oct 19, 2016

After arriving home from the hospital, Terra continues to fight with Joe over the name of their new son. Meanwhile, in a grand gesture of reconciliation, Christy invites the girls to a Casino Night, but rubs them wrong way by simultaneously releasing her medical records. When some of the girls dare to show up, they are shocked to see Christy’s also invited outsiders to join them, including her friend from New York, Dawn.

Episode 16 Playing with Fire
S 5 E 16

Playing with Fire

Aired on Oct 26, 2016

With Christy’s Casino Night blowing up in her face, she apologizes and begs for help to fix her relationship with Terra and Briana. Meanwhile, Terra worries about meeting her Dancing with the Stars partner for the first time. Tonya invites the girls to a survivalist retreat, hoping that being isolated in the forest will force them to work together, but when the sun goes down, true feelings come out.

Episode 17 Sail Away
S 5 E 17

Sail Away

Aired on Nov 02, 2016

Tonya’s survivalist retreat allowed the girls to get all of their hurt feelings out in the open, but most still seem stuck at an impasse. Elena decides it’s time to remind the group why maintaining they’re friendship matters, with a fun day of land sailing in the desert. But will Terra and Briana come with an open mind about Christy?

Episode 18 Season 5 Reunion, Part 1
S 5 E 18

Season 5 Reunion, Part 1

Aired on Nov 09, 2016

The ladies come together with host Kevin Frazier to recap Season 5 of Little Women LA. Controversy still surrounds Matt and his sexting ways and he has some questions to answer when Plastic makes a surprise appearance. Meanwhile, Christy tries to salvage what remains of her friendships with Terra and Briana but is it too little too late?

Episode 19 Season 5 Reunion, Part 2
S 5 E 19

Season 5 Reunion, Part 2

Aired on Nov 16, 2016

The reunion continues when the men join to talk about all the new arrivals to their families. Is Briana ready to let Tonya off the hook for saying she would be better off raising an “average size” child? Christy has brought friends, Rhonnie and Karla, to be her backup and muscle when it comes to defending herself with the rest of the women. And finally, we get a sneak peak at the new series, Little Women: Dallas.

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