Season 1 (9)

8 Seasons | 149 Episodes, 24 Unlocked

Episode 1 The
S 1 E 1

The "M" Word

Aired on May 27, 2014

Meet the ladies of Little Women: LA, they may be little but they like to live life large. Terra and Tonya enroll the ladies in a sexy dance class so they can all harness their inner goddess. While the ladies celebrate the end of Briana’s marriage, Christy drops some very obvious hints about her desire to get married to her boyfriend Todd.

Episode 2 Little Women, Big Drama
S 1 E 2

Little Women, Big Drama

Aired on Jun 03, 2014

Christy goes shopping for her engagement ring even though Todd hasn’t popped the question. While the women prepare for their “pinup girl” themed photo shoot, Traci reveals that she’s set her wedding date, which aggravates Christy, and ignites a race to the altar. Terra and Elena temporarily mend their tense relationship when Elena reveals a heartbreaking story about growing up as a little person in Russia.

Episode 3 Who Do You Think You Are?
S 1 E 3

Who Do You Think You Are?

Aired on Jun 10, 2014

Christy and Traci’s bridal battle intensifies as Christy steals Traci’s spotlight at her wine tasting party. Elena visits the doctor to find out what type of dwarfism she has and determine potential problems that might arise during pregnancy. When Traci has the women help her pick the perfect wedding gown, their tastes clash and things heat up.

Episode 4 The Ex-Factor
S 1 E 4

The Ex-Factor

Aired on Jun 17, 2014

Christy’s race to get married is on track, but things start to move too quickly when she discovers she may be pregnant. Concerned with her daughter’s well-being, Briana confronts her ex-husband about his new girlfriend. Tonya and Briana go speed dating to spice up their love lives. When Terra and Tonya get ready for a big performance, nothing can prepare them for what happens on stage.

Episode 5 Movin' On Up
S 1 E 5

Movin' On Up

Aired on Jun 24, 2014

Terra has the ladies attend a cooking class and things get zesty as the conversation turns to Tonya’s love life. In an effort to lose weight and prepare for their wedding, Christy and Todd diet and enroll in dance lessons. When Terra’s boyfriend Joe fawns over Elena, Terra plans a sexy and intimate evening to remind Joe of their spark.

Episode 6 She's Booty-ful
S 1 E 6

She's Booty-ful

Aired on Jul 01, 2014

Booty’s are the topics of conversation at a pool party when Elena considers breast implants and Terra asks the ladies to star in her “Booty Bee” music video. While Terra’s recording her single, Christy tries to convince the women to back out of the video shoot.

Episode 7 Miss-Conception
S 1 E 7


Aired on Jul 08, 2014

The ladies attend a wedding convention where the brides-to-be Traci and Christy throw down their bouquets and start a bridal battle. Elena discusses the possibility that she’ll have a baby who’s a little person and her husband’s family is shocked. Terra breaks the news to Tonya that the man she’s seeing might not be the good guy she thinks he is.

Episode 8 Sinner Takes All
S 1 E 8

Sinner Takes All

Aired on Jul 15, 2014

The little women visit “Sin City” and they’re determined to give Las Vegas a run for its money while celebrating Traci and Christy’s bachelorette parties. The women buy Traci a few drinks to see if they can loosen her up and are blown away by her hidden wild side. The men join the ladies in Vegas and in a spur of the moment decision Christy decides she wants to elope, but will Todd go along for the ride?

Episode 9 Here Comes the Bride
S 1 E 9

Here Comes the Bride

Aired on Jul 22, 2014

Christy finalizes her last minute wedding details, from the dress and flower arrangements, to the venue and quickly realizes her mother is a “momzilla.” With wedding bells in the air, Terra and Joe feel pressure to discuss if they are really meant to be together. The ladies speculate why Elena isn’t drinking…could there be a baby on the way?

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