Episode 1 Suffering in Silence
S 1 E 1

Suffering in Silence

Aired on Jan 28, 2022

Que hides in bathrooms painfully scratching at the sores from her silicone butt injections, a procedure she’s kept secret from her friends and family for fear of being judged. Sung, a mother of two, underwent a “Mommy Make-Over” that left her belly severely infected. R&B artist K. Michelle shares her own similar experiences with these women in hopes of helping them live a normal life again.

Episode 2 Fed Up!
S 1 E 2

Fed Up!

Aired on Feb 03, 2022

Marlena received silicone injections from a doctor who was busted by the FEDs for injecting illicit substances. In pain from those injections, Marlena turns to social media groups for advice on wound care. Bizzie, who was born with a rare breast condition, is surprised by her husband to have it corrected and is disastrously left worse with life threatening complications. K. Michelle is touched by their stories and coaches both women on steps to move forward.

Episode 3 Third Cut's a Charm
S 1 E 3

Third Cut's a Charm

Aired on Feb 10, 2022

Iliana has limited mobility from a butchered skin removal procedure and is losing precious time with her growing daughter. After winning a contest for a full body makeover, Assia is left with internal bleeding and life-threatening infections. K. Michelle walks them through the process of healing and a path back to a happy, healthy life.

Episode 4 Sick-Pack Body
S 1 E 4

Sick-Pack Body

Aired on Feb 17, 2022

Taliyah, a former pageant queen, lives in daily pain from unknowingly being injected with life-threatening freezer pack fluid. Indy’s relationship with her longtime boyfriend is on shaky ground; as she struggles to deal with the results from her butchered liposuction. K. Michelle consults with both women and opens up about her own 16-surgery healing process.

Episode 5 Rotting From the Inside Out
S 1 E 5

Rotting From the Inside Out

Aired on Feb 24, 2022

After dramatic weight loss, Dev’Yon’s cosmetic surgeries left him sliced, scarred and ashamed to show off his body in public. Akeisha lives every day in excruciating pain from her silicone injections that resulted in arsenic and cobalt poisoning, rotting her body from the inside out.

Episode 6 Mom Bod Gone Wrong
S 1 E 6

Mom Bod Gone Wrong

Aired on Mar 03, 2022

Sasha, a mother of 6, responded to a social media ad that turned her stomach inside-out after a residential apartment tummy tuck procedure. Ash lost faith after a mastectomy gone wrong, the last thing keeping him from being fully transitioned.

Episode 7 Weighted Down
S 1 E 7

Weighted Down

Aired on Mar 10, 2022

Breanna’s chest, affected by her childhood cancer, is left disfigured after multiple corrective surgeries forming a scarred uniboob. Christy faces guilt after a tummy tuck gone horribly wrong leaves her with a chronic foul-smelling belly-button and crooked lower-half.

Episode 8 Mirror, Mirror
S 1 E 8

Mirror, Mirror

Aired on Mar 10, 2022

Virginia, a once happy go-lucky single mom, had a make-over that went horribly awry, leaving her with a cell phone sized hole in her stomach. K. Michelle checks-in on the progress of several of the women’s surgical journeys from earlier in the series.

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