Kevin and Kattie

Season 2


Kevin was brought up in a lower, middle class family in Eugene, Oregon. After college, Kevin became an accountant. Never liking the 9 to 5 lifestyle, he decided to leave his accounting career behind and begin selling e-commerce. Kevin has gone from making $80,000 a year as an accountant to making $80,000 a day as an entrepreneur. Whether it be his YouTube channel, podcast, or managing his multiple software and online education businesses, Kevin is a self-made multi-millionaire. After meeting Kattie at one of his company events in Mexico, the two have been on and off. Kevin believes that most of their problems stem from money since she doesn’t have enough to keep up with his luxurious lifestyle. At the same time, he doesn’t like to buy her fancy bags, or take her to fancy restaurants, but instead likes shared experiences with her, such as going to Thailand. Kattie often stays overnight at Kevin’s mansion on the beach, although the two have not discussed moving in together even after a year and a half. They have not even met each other’s parents. Will they ever take this relationship to the next level?


Kattie was raised in Bakersfield, California in a lower-middle class family. Kattie was adopted at birth, by a family whom also adopted her 4 siblings. At age 15, Kattie’s mom was diagnosed with cancer, so she went to live with her best friend Natalie’s family. After high school, Kattie attended San Diego State, but dropped out with the goal of starting her own company, she came across Kevin’s YouTube channel. Since then, Kevin has helped Kattie with her company, but she wishes that their relationship wasn’t so professional. Kattie wishes Kevin was more thoughtful and would buy her flowers, or treat her to dinner. Kattie’s relaxed daily routine and sleep schedule has caused a lot of tension for the couple. Kevin says that her terrible sleep schedule is not allowing her business to take off and wishes she would change that.