Dani and Donovan

Season 2

Donovan Ruffin

Donovan grew up in Oregon, OH with his four siblings. His parents divorced, and was raised by his single mother who supported all of her 5 children. Don started working in sales at age 18 and shortly thereafter starting flipping and developing real estate in Texas, which he grew to love. By the time he turned 20 he was running a multi-million dollar marketing company. He currently is running his own two companies, Ruffin Real Estate Investments and Equity Cash Offer, owns 8 rental properties in Texas, 5 luxury cars, and holds a net worth just shy of $13 million. After fate brought him and Dani back together in Dallas, he eventually convinced her to move in with him in McKinney, where she began working for him at his company. They continue to struggle with the balance between their work life and romantic life. Don also has a hard time accepting Dani and her pageantry, as it takes her away from him and the company that he is trying to grow.

Dani Parra

Dani was born in the town of Chihuaha, Mexico with her parents and two siblings. She was brought up Catholic, and was raised there in Mexico for about 7 years. Her parents divorced, and shortly after, Dani and her mother moved to Dallas, Texas. Dani graduated from college at ASU where she received her degrees in Marketing and Data Analytics. After re-kindling with Donovan back home in Dallas, she made the decision to turn down her multiple job offers in Arizona, and stay in Texas to be with him. After being unemployed for several months, Dani made the choice to start working for Don at his company. This has been a constant struggle in their relationship, trying to balance work and personal life. She also is pursuing her passion of pageantry on the side, which she hopes that Don will learn to accept one day. Dani also has high hopes of eventually get married and starting a family together.