Married at First Sight

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Married at First Sight

S 1 E 9

Last Chance at Romance

Sep 02, 2014 | 43m 10s | tv-14 d,l | CC

One month into marriage, our three couples are only days away from the end of the experiment. Spiritual advisor Greg Epstein advises the newlyweds to use their remaining days to do something romantic for one another to help them decide whether to stay married or get divorced. After Vaughn and Monet make a breakthrough in communication, they enjoy a “first date” and focus on reconnecting. Jason and Cortney have dinner on a boat and exchange thoughtful gifts, but only one of them is convinced they’re a perfect match. Jamie recreates her wedding photos with Doug, and though she can now pose romantically with her husband, she still has her doubts about their future.

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