As life has changed for families across the globe during the pandemic, participants in "Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam" (Thursdays at 8/7c) have had to make adjustments to their daily lives too. We spoke to a few of the show’s couples to learn how they’re dealing with balancing their work life, personal life and married life under quarantine. Find out what this week’s featured couple had to say below.

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Lifetime: How have you adjusted to being at home with your spouse for an extended period of time?

Kristine: We actually haven’t had that problem since Keith works in healthcare. To be honest, we’ve had even less time together.
Keith: Some of my colleagues have gotten sick, so the workload has gotten a little bit heavier.

Lifetime: How has your daily routine changed since quarantine started?

Keith: I’m actually getting up a lot earlier and coming home a lot later. We used to make it a point to have dinner together all the time and now it’s only occasionally, if we’re lucky.
Kristine: I am waking up later so I’m staying up later as a result. I try not to disturb his sleep, so I don’t always get to bed when he does.

Lifetime: How do you keep things romantic with your spouse during quarantine?

Kristine: We do little things to show our appreciation for each other. Keith bought me puzzles and a yoga mat I was eyeing to keep busy.
Keith: Kristine’s been packing my lunch every day and pretty much taking over all household duties, so that when I get in I can just relax. Kristine: He gets the rest he needs.

Lifetime: Have you picked up any new hobbies since quarantine has begun?

Keith: I bought a game system, even though it’s not getting all the attention that I’d like it to.
Kristine: We’re both learning to be even more handy around the house.

Lifetime: How has work life changed?

Keith: Work has definitely been hectic for me. I’m working up to seven days a week, and I’m getting run down. I’m tired.
Kristine: His days are definitely longer. For me, on the other hand, since all client contact has been reduced to phone calls, video calls, and emails, my days have been shorter. It’s not fair. Most of my time now is pretty much focused on preparing clients for when the lockdown is lifted.

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