As life has changed for families across the globe during the pandemic, participants in "Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam" (Thursdays at 8/7c) have had to make adjustments to their daily lives too. We spoke to a few of the show’s couples to learn how they’re dealing with balancing their work life, personal life and married life under quarantine. Find out what this week’s featured couple had to say below.

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Lifetime: How have you adjusted to living at home with your spouse for an extended period of time?

Jamie: It’s definitely been a challenge. It was a challenge at first with everything going on. It was hard because we didn't know what was going on or what was coming our way. But I think we really worked together. We solidified our routine throughout the day. We have coffee time.
Beth: We've only halfway tried to kill each other this period.
Jamie: Only a few times.
Beth: Just a smudge. A pinch. But I've enjoyed it.
Jamie: It's been fun. I've gotten to know you a lot better. Obviously, we've been married on TV and it's just been go, go, go, go ever since then. Just the fact now that we have a moment to stop and get to know each other is kind of nice.

Lifetime: How do you make time for yourself when isolated with your spouse?

Beth: Baby, I love you. But I'm about to tell you something.
Jamie: Oh god. She's giving away the secrets guys, pay attention.
Beth: When I say that I'm taking a bath, it's really that I'm going to hide from you.
Jamie: OK, that's fine.
Beth: Are you OK with that?
Jamie: Hey, why do you think I'm like 'Oh, baby. I need to go shave.'
Beth: You have been shaving a lot lately.
Jamie: Oh god, I think I'm going to go take the trash out.
Beth: Oh man, that trash has never gotten full right now. That's funny, so it's not just me doing the weird, like, 'I'll just be right back.' OK, I love it. And I do love spending time with you, it's just sometimes it's just that little bathroom time is all I need.

Lifetime: What is your biggest pet peeve about your spouse while in quarantine?

Jamie: Well, I've obviously known this about you but I've really come to embrace this, [which] is you like to do a bunch of different things at one time.
Beth: It's multitasking.
Jamie: So you leave a lot of stuff out and I'm the person where I'm like, if I start a task then I work on that task and I finish that task and I clean up.
Beth: Hold it, are you telling me I'm messy?
Jamie: No baby, you're just doing a lot of different things at one time.
Beth: I've struggled with it my whole life. I've gotten better. We're working on this. We are, I promise we are.
Jamie: Any pet peeves about me?
Beth: Yeah, actually I have one. When you eat soup...
Jamie: Oooohhh...
Beth: You slurp.
Jamie: Dude, that's like half the point of eating the soup.
Beth: I think you like purposefully like hit your spoon on the bowl as hard as possible.
Jamie: Just to make as much noise as possible?
Beth: Oh, yeah! I'm like is that necessary. And then the slurp on top of it. I'm just like, I don't get it. I love you though. I love you so much, so let's move on before we get our first divorce.
Jamie: Alright, we're moving on.

Lifetime: Has your daily routine changed since quarantine has begun?

Beth: Oh, it's just all sorts of messed up.
Jamie: Is it messed up or is it backwards?
Beth: I mean, not only do I have to make sure you have your lunches, and your dinners, and your coffee in the morning.
Jamie: Coffee in the morning is key.
Beth: But I had a routine too, you know? I did. And it's not cool. But, you used to like leave the house to go to work.
Jamie: I know, I used to leave the house and have my own space.
Beth: I know right. So yes, my routine, mostly my morning routine, is messed up. But that's OK. I still love you.
Jamie: Do you like our new morning routine together?
Beth: I do, and I wouldn't take back our life for anything, quarantine or not. I like this and I don't want it to go back to normal.
Jamie: Aww... She's so sweet when she wants to be.
Beth: I know, right.

Lifetime: Has do you keep things romantic with your spouse during quarantine?

Jamie: I really try to pay attention to you and have a little better connection. So I like to put my phone away, put my computer away, and have coffee with you in the morning.
Beth: Nice.
Jamie: Definitely in the afternoon, once our work day kind of winds down, I like to have an appetizer and some wine or cook dinner together.
Beth: Do you think that sexy time--basic Caucasian sex--has definitely improved since quarantine?
Jamie: I think so. Because I think we've been doing a lot of quality stuff together. So I think we've been a little bit more connected.
Beth: Yeah, I think so.
Jamie: I feel connected to you.
Beth: I feel way connected. I'm liking it.

Lifetime: Have you picked up any new hobbies since quarantine has begun?

Beth: I have picked up some new hobbies since quarantine has begun.
Jamie: Tell us about this new hobby.
Beth: I have found out I love to bike ride. I love bike riding. It's so much fun. I feel like a little kid when I do it, and I cannot wait to do it even more. At first I was a little hesitant, so thanks for forcing me to bike ride with you.
Jamie: I didn't force her. I just highly encouraged her. I just said, 'Babe, you should just go take a little quick ride with me.' Because I love to bike ride, it's a great release.
Beth: You've been super great about it. Like you said let's go for a short bike ride, nineteen miles later here we are.
Jamie: I know.
Beth: It's so much fun. But I really thank you though because I found out that I really like to bike ride. And I didn't know that.
Jamie: You get to go out and explore.
Beth: It's fun!
Jamie: Soak up some sunshine. Breathe some fresh air.
Beth: How come I've never had this before? Why have I been a runner my whole life?

Lifetime: How has your work life changed?

Jamie: Work life has changed. Obviously, I used to go into an office, and I used to travel to go visit clients. So now I am here one-hundred percent of the time.
Beth: Yes!
Jamie: But in all seriousness, you've definitely helped it out a lot. You definitely helped me keep a good balance and not always be like work, work, work. And [to] slow down a little bit and just enjoy.
Beth: It doesn't always have to be so stressful.
Jamie: Right, right. So just kind of slow down a little bit. Smell the roses, as they say.
Beth: Is this going to ruin your day? No? Then just take it with a grain of salt. Just ease into it. I just need you around for another fifty years. So that's why I just get so worried about you being stressed
Jamie: Yeah, I can do that.

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