Episode 1 Smell the Love
S 1 E 1

Smell the Love

Aired on Apr 21, 2021

Ashli is a sexually inhibited social media manager who doesn’t know how to kiss or hold her gas, at least that’s what her clingy roommate says. Xavius is an extremely regimented assistant funeral director who doesn’t like anything unless it fits within his routine or particular preferences. This includes the way a woman smells. Expert matchmakers, Pastor Cal and Dr. Viviana, do their best to turn this gassy lady and picky smeller from Unmatchables into dateables.

Episode 2 Emotional Walls and Blow-Up Dolls
S 1 E 2

Emotional Walls and Blow-Up Dolls

Aired on Apr 28, 2021

Megan is a sports-loving, trashtalker who doesn’t even trust herself in the kitchen, eating only chicken nuggets and mac & cheese. Her competitive nature won’t allow her to lose at cooking or her relationships, so she avoids both. Caleb values looks over love… his own looks. He doesn’t believe in conversation because according to him all he needs is a wink and a smile to get a date. Can Pastor Cal and Dr. Viviana turn these two self-centered un-dateables into a match made in heaven, or will their efforts go up in flames like burning nuggets?

Episode 3 Mr. Clean and the Toilet Queen
S 1 E 3

Mr. Clean and the Toilet Queen

Aired on May 05, 2021

Clyde is an obsessive, uptight, clean freak who can’t stand anyone making a mess around him. Evan Nicole is an interrogating, bossy, foot-lover, who spends all day eating on the toilet. Pastor Cal and Dr. Viviana will put these two unmatchables through extreme makeovers in an attempt to make them dateable. If Clyde can keep from cleaning himself out of the picture and Evan Nicole doesn’t put a foot in her mouth, they may just get a chance at finding true love.

Episode 4 You're Probably Going to Die Alone
S 1 E 4

You're Probably Going to Die Alone

Aired on May 05, 2021

Ervin, aka “the runaway groom,” who has ridiculously high standards, a severe habit of “ghosting” his dates and has been engaged four times but never married meets Stephanie, an ice princess who only wants a rich husband who will be her “provider” for life. Dr Viviana and Pastor Cal have their hands full with these two. Will these two egotists come together to make a spark, or will their attitudes create enough heat to burn the place down?

Episode 5 The Super Hero & the Dating Zero
S 1 E 5

The Super Hero & the Dating Zero

Aired on May 12, 2021

Gabrielle who has never been on a date in her life and is terrified to meet a guy in person meets Brandon with an alter-ego named Legend who (in his mind) is a fierce super hero who likes to go to the club. One needs to hang up the cape, and the other needs to build up the courage to go on a real date. Will Pastor Cal and Dr. Viviana be able to help these two break out of their fantasy bubbles or will they end up being one another’s kryptonite?

Episode 6 Weird Science
S 1 E 6

Weird Science

Aired on May 19, 2021

Danielle is a conspiracy theorist who wants a husband, but believes monogamy is a scam created by “the man.” She wants multiple lovers and an open marriage. Niraj, on the other hand, is a robotic-natured engineer who is inexperienced in love and approaches dating as a calculative statistical equation. It’s up to Pastor Cal and Doctor Viviana to make them each realize that what they “think” they want, may not be exactly what they need.

Episode 7 The Witch and the Empty Wardrobe
S 1 E 7

The Witch and the Empty Wardrobe

Aired on May 26, 2021

Renise is a Harry Potter-loving, fantasy-enthusiast who believes kinky sex needs to be discussed on the first date. While Chaz is a vain serial dater who eats, sleeps and lives like a college student living on a string budget. Luckily, Pastor Cal and Dr. Viviana know exactly how to wield their magic in order to cast away these Unmatchable’s bad habits.

Episode 8 Tarot Cards & a Strip Tease
S 1 E 8

Tarot Cards & a Strip Tease

Aired on Jun 02, 2021

Momma’s boy Frank is a shy, over-thinking perfectionist who’s not confident with himself or the men he dates. Sam, in contrast, is an over-the-top, full-of-himself, eccentric wildflower who is all over the place and can’t pick a direction to save his life. Dr. Viviana and Pastor Cal will have to rein Sam in, while pushing Frank to let loose.

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