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 4 Black Diamond
S 1 E 4

Black Diamond

Premieres on Feb 13, 2022

Following the nipplegate controversy, Janet finds herself blacklisted. Refusing to accept defeat, friends and fans fight for her right to be recognized as a true performing legend.

 3 That's the Way Love Goes
S 1 E 3

That's the Way Love Goes

Premieres on Jan 29, 2022

Janet signs multi-million dollar sponsorship contracts, lands leading roles in feature films, and becomes a sex-icon. But with news of accusations about Michael, her world comes crashing down.

 2 Control
S 1 E 2


Premieres on Feb 13, 2022

After two unsuccessful albums and a failed marriage, Janet decides that if she’s going to have a musical career, it will be on her own terms; she has to take control of her life.

 1 Baby Sister
S 1 E 1

Baby Sister

Premieres on Jan 28, 2022

At the age of seven, Janet’s father, tough talking Joe Jackson, puts her to work in the family show. Her father never asked if she wanted to be a performer, so it’s down to Janet to find her own path.

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