Season 2 (10)

5 Seasons | 57 Episodes, 57 Unlocked

Episode 1 Who's Hungry
S 2 E 1

Who's Hungry

Aired on Jul 22, 2016

Seven young artists join Jermaine Dupri in Atlanta for his 10 week rapper boot camp as they compete for a record contract with So So Def. Snoop Dogg, Timbaland and Da Brat lend their expertise as season 2 kicks off with a huge twist.

Episode 2 Rep Your City
S 2 E 2

Rep Your City

Aired on Jul 29, 2016

Nelly and Monica join Jermaine Dupri as he challenges the five rappers to write and record a rap about their city. Two parents come head to head, while one young rapper struggles to stay afloat.

Episode 3 Fresh to Def
S 2 E 3

Fresh to Def

Aired on Aug 05, 2016
Queen Latifah gives the five aspiring rappers a lesson on image and standing out. The kids compete to land the cover of a huge hip hop magazine. One parent manager butts heads with her young artist, risking their placement on the Hit List.
Episode 4 We Don't Take No L's
S 2 E 4

We Don't Take No L's

Aired on Aug 12, 2016
Bow Wow and Da Brat visit as Jermaine Dupri teaches five young rappers the history of So So Def. One manager loses their cool, while another pulls the plug. For the first time ever, JD debates sending a finalist home.
Episode 5 Run Back to Wifey
S 2 E 5

Run Back to Wifey

Aired on Aug 19, 2016

JD decides to mix up the manager-artist pairs as five young rappers face a focus group of their peers and try to sell themselves at a press conference. Two parents go head to head, while another attempts to sabotage their new artist.

Episode 6 Stand Out or Sit Down
S 2 E 6

Stand Out or Sit Down

Aired on Aug 26, 2016

Famed Beyonce dancers Les Twins teach the kids how to move as they prepare for their first feature in a music video with viral sensation “We Are Toonz.” One artist attempts to use recycled bars, while another struggles to get along with their new manager.

Episode 7 Birthday Bash
S 2 E 7

Birthday Bash

Aired on Sep 02, 2016

JD splits the young rappers into two groups for a huge performance at the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash. The Migos visit to give the kids critique on collaboration. The parents clash on how to manage their artists in a group.

Episode 8 Battle to the Def
S 2 E 8

Battle to the Def

Aired on Sep 09, 2016

Jermaine Dupri takes the kids to an underground battlerap to see which of the young rappers will step up to the plate. Later, the kids have to catch the beat in front of an audience. The parents get heated as it gets closer and closer to the end.

Episode 9 Finale Pt. 1
S 2 E 9

Finale Pt. 1

Aired on Sep 16, 2016

Only one week away from choosing his next So So Def artist, Jermaine Dupri gives the young rappers their final assignment–create a stage show in front of a huge audience. Flo Rida and Mariah Carey stop by to give the kids their final words of advice before their big performance.

Episode 10 Finale Pt. 2
S 2 E 10

Finale Pt. 2

Aired on Sep 23, 2016

The kids give the performance of their lives in front of a huge audience, including Da Brat and Season 1 contestants. Jermaine Dupri chooses the young rapper that gets the chain and the contract with So So Def.

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