Seven Year Switch

Seven Year Switch

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  • SEASON 3 5 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 8 episodes available
  • SEASON 1 8 episodes available

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Confronting the Truth

Premieres on Aug 21, 2018

The experimental couples confront their biggest challenge yet, as they come to face-to-face with their experimental spouses’ real spouse. Not everyone likes what they learn and feelings of jealousy and regret begin to surface for some.

S 3 E 5

Close Encounters

Aired on Aug 14, 2018

Now that the switch is almost half way over, the experimental couples return from their road trips and participate in an exercise to help build emotional intimacy. As some continue to open up, others begin to shut down. The experts check in on the couples and deliver a surprising announcement.

S 3 E 4

Vowing to be Vulnerable

Aired on Aug 07, 2018

Emotions run high as the couples cope with seeing footage of their real spouses with their experimental partners. Then, the experts surprise the experimental couples with overnight road trips where they are tasked to become more vulnerable with one another, but not everyone is ready to open up.

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