My Life is a Lifetime Movie

My Life is a Lifetime Movie

Real-life stories told by the women in peril who lived them.

About the Show

For nearly three decades, Lifetime original movies have been a part of America’s cultural fabric.  Uniquely capturing shocking scenarios involving scandal, deception, love gone bad, dark secrets, murder and other unscrupulous behaviors, what has made these movies so resonant is the fact many of them are true and now, for the first time, viewers will be hearing from the real people behind these fascinating stories.

Inspired by the cultural impact of its genre-defining movie brand, Lifetime has ordered the all-new hybrid unscripted series “My Life is a Lifetime Movie™,” which will premiere on Wednesday, October 17, at 10:00 PM ET/PT.  With a fresh and irreverent tone, “My Life is a Lifetime Movie” will weave together highly cinematic recreations and first person interviews with women in peril who recount their jaw-dropping experiences that are so astonishing and so unbelievable, that they must be true.

“My Life is a Lifetime Movie” will feature such incredible stories as an attractive young teacher whose life is turned upside down by an overzealous student’s shocking accusations of sexual misconduct; a husband and wife who befriended a neighbor only to have their good deed turn into a real-life fatal attraction that resulted in a near-death experience; a twice divorced mom who thought she found her prince charming… but who was actually a Cuban spy; and a determined mother who took on a small town to save her daughter’s reputation when she gets dragged into a sexting scandal; and many more.  These accounts will be told by women from around the United States, from the cornfields of Iowa to the Big Apple, who share a common thread: implausible stories that will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Samples of past classic Lifetime movies that are evocative of the types of stories to be highli”ghted in “My Life is a Lifetime Movie” are “My Stepson, My Lover”; Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?”; “The Pregnancy Pact”; “Betty Broderick: A Woman Scorned”; “Mom at 16”;
“A Date with Darkness.”

Lifetime has ordered seven hour-long episodes of “My Life is a Lifetime Movie,” which will be executive produced by DiGa Partners Liz Gateley (“The Hills,” “Teen Wolf”) and Tony DiSanto (“Jersey Shore,” “Teen Wolf”), along with DiGa’s Jordan Roberts (“American Teen,” “Nimrod Nation”) and Jessica Antonini (“Chelsea Settles,” “My Life as Liz”).  Serving as executive producers for Lifetime are Rob Sharenow, Gena McCarthy and Colleen Conway.

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