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S 4 E 13

Bad Blood, Bad Timing, Bad Karma

Aired on Sep 18, 2017

Once a couple discovers that their two families have been engaged in an age-old feud, the man becomes the target of his girlfriend’s retribution. After sharing a brief encounter on the street, a woman tracks down a man who soon wonders if the “Girl of His Dreams” may turn out to be a total nightmare. A woman tries to motivate her depressed boyfriend by asking him to babysit a dog but his unexpected love of animals leads him into a dangerous encounter with a wild beast.

S 4 E 12

Bluffing, Bruising and Balding

Aired on Sep 18, 2017

Much to his girlfriend’s dismay, a man decides to wear a toupee to his High School reunion, but, when he decides to make the piece permanent, it begins to ruin his life. After his girlfriend returns from Las Vegas, a man starts to suspect that she lost money to gangsters, only to discover the truth is far worse. When a man’s girlfriend takes a job raising money for the environment, he begins to suspect that her newfound love of mother nature might lead to an affair with her eco-friendly boss.

S 4 E 11

Crusaders, Invaders and Penetrators

Aired on Sep 18, 2017

After her slacker boyfriend pledges to become more disciplined, a woman fears that he may chose a life in the military over a life with her. A comic book artist finds inspiration for a new character in his girlfriend, but he grows concerned when the line between fantasy and reality starts to blur. After a couple gets engaged, one set of nightmarish In-Laws threatens to derail the entire wedding.

S 4 E 10

Unlucky Breaks, Wedding Cakes and Tummy Aches

Aired on Sep 18, 2017

An unusually unlucky guy finds a potato chip that turns his life around…until it ultimately drives him insane. When one couple challenges another to see who can lose the most weight, a woman goes to ridiculous lengths to make sure she and her boyfriend are victorious. A guy agrees go to a wedding with his ex…but no good deed goes unpunished as the weekend turns into a fight for his life.

S 4 E 9

Panting, Primping and Probing

Aired on Sep 18, 2017

When her modest boyfriend suddenly gets modeling aspirations, a woman is shocked to see just how far he’s now willing to go for fame. A man is baffled by the sudden growth of his girlfriend’s singing telegram business, until he uncovers the dark secret to her success. After a rough breakup, a woman thinks she’s met the man of her dreams, until she realizes he’s even more of a dog than any of her past exes.

S 4 E 8

Fake Names, Freaky Dames and Video Games

Aired on Sep 18, 2017

When a hopeless romantic discovers an exotic woman in trouble, he decides to help, but he soon learns there’s a dark side to her past. When a man introduces his workaholic girlfriend to the latest video game craze, her newfound obsession quickly takes over their lives. A woman is excited when her boyfriend wants to introduce her to his grandmother, but what seemed like a sign that the relationship was getting more serious, turns out to be twisted ruse.

S 4 E 7

Super Fans, Alien Shams and Anglo Scams

Aired on Sep 14, 2017

When a man claims he was abducted by aliens, his girlfriend hopes to just move past the encounter, but when he starts preparing for an alien invasion, she’s not sure their relationship can survive. A sportswriter’s dream comes true when he begins dating an equally huge basketball lover. Until her fandom turns fanatical. A woman gets roped into her boyfriend’s idiotic plan to fool his employers into thinking he’s one of them.

S 4 E 6

Small Parts, False Starts, and Broken Hearts

Aired on Feb 08, 2017
Currently Unavailable on our Site
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S 4 E 5

Desperate Measures, Secret Pleasures & Buried Treasures

Aired on Feb 01, 2017
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S 4 E 4

Gimmicks, Mimics, and Academics

Aired on Jan 25, 2017
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S 4 E 3

Rude Dummies, Ripped Tummies and Lying Hubbies

Aired on Jan 11, 2017
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S 4 E 2

Deceptions, Receptions & Infections

Aired on Jan 04, 2017
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S 4 E 1

Renegades, Escapades & Masquerades

Aired on Dec 28, 2016
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