Season 2 (14)

8 Seasons | 149 Episodes

Episode 1 Baby on Board
S 2 E 1

Baby on Board

Aired on Jan 01, 2015

The Little Women embark on a booze cruise, but it’s not all smooth sailing. Traci accuses Briana of lying about why she didn’t attend Traci’s wedding, but are Briana’s mysterious medical reasons true? Terra gets an offer that could change her career, but it would require a huge sacrifice she might not be willing to make. And the baby race is on between Elena, Christy and newly married Traci. But after a pregnancy test comes up positive, the question is, who’s pregnant?!?

Episode 2 Mama Drama
S 2 E 2

Mama Drama

Aired on Jan 07, 2015

Tonya learns Briana and Trevore have been talking behind her back and things get explosive at lunch with Trevore and his mom. Concerned with hearing her daughter is being bullied, Briana struggles with whether to tell her daughter she’s a little person.

Episode 3 Baby Bump
S 2 E 3

Baby Bump

Aired on Jan 14, 2015

Christy and Briana start questioning Terra’s motivations and friendships with the other women. Meanwhile, Traci struggles with her feelings of envy and Elena’s burlesque performance exposes her trust issues with her husband.

Episode 4 A Little Fired Up
S 2 E 4

A Little Fired Up

Aired on Jan 21, 2015

The Triple T’s aren’t as tight as they used to be, as Traci and Tonya begin to question Terra’s loyalty. And when Traci gets the news she’s been dreaming of, she struggles with whether or not to tell her best friend Terra. Hoping to change her luck with men, Briana takes a chance on a guy she met online. But when he flies in to stay with her for a week, will her parents think he’s taking advantage of her? And when Christy throws a barbeque, some of the secrets she’s been spreading around the group come back to slap her in the face.

Episode 5 Stage Fight
S 2 E 5

Stage Fight

Aired on Jan 28, 2015

On the heels of a major fight at the bonfire, Terra focuses her attention away from the girls and on to her brother Bourn, who is coming to visit. But when Terra reveals that she’s pregnant, Bourn forces her to tell the one person she’s been dreading the most… their Mom! Blissfully in love, Briana confronts her family on why they aren’t willing to meet her new long distance boyfriend. Later, Briana braves the stage to sing for her first time at an open mic night, but will she be able to keep the spotlight when Terra surprises everyone and takes the stage as well?

Episode 6 The Ex-Files
S 2 E 6

The Ex-Files

Aired on Feb 04, 2015

Christy and Todd are faced with some unfortunate news, and decide to explore alternative options for having a child. Elena decides to have an uncommon cosmetic enhancement, but worries about how her husband Preston will react to her news. And Terra tries to hook up Tonya with a new man by throwing a “Used-Date Party,” but when Christy brings Joe’s ex-girlfriend to the event, things get physical.

Episode 7 Pain in the Butt
S 2 E 7

Pain in the Butt

Aired on Feb 11, 2015

After Tonya’s “Used-Date Party” ends in a nasty brawl, the women try to pick up the shattered pieces of their friendship. Christy, Briana and Lila bring the girls together for a fun 5k race, only to insult Terra and Tonya, igniting another blow-up. Lila throws a cocktail party to make peace, but gets a frosty reception from everyone.

Episode 8 Into The Woods
S 2 E 8

Into The Woods

Aired on Feb 18, 2015

Terra treats the gang to a fun filled weekend on Catalina Island, but the news that they’ll be roughing it on this vacation turns half the group into extremely unhappy campers. The ladies’ sense of adventure is soon revitalized by a thrilling day of zip lining, and they reward themselves with a fancy dinner in town. But their meal ends with a bitter taste, as Lila, fed up with the girls, viciously lashes out at each of them.

Episode 9 Home Wreckers
S 2 E 9

Home Wreckers

Aired on Feb 25, 2015

After trying to have a baby for months with no success, Christy and Todd explore IVF and find themselves torn after realizing they have some very big decisions to make. Briana invites the girls out to see her old friend Brad William’s comedy show and Tonya isn’t amused after he drops the “M” bomb during his routine. And after moving into a new house the week her mom comes to visit from Russia, Elena throws a housewarming party that is anything but warm when Traci and Christy start World War 3 within the group.

Episode 10 Little Women, Big Easy
S 2 E 10

Little Women, Big Easy

Aired on Mar 04, 2015
Following a nasty fight at Elena's house, Christy tries to make peace by bringing the entire group of girls, and their fighting husbands, to New Orleans. The group embraces the Big Easy lifestyle by dining on crawfish, petting alligators, and trying not to snap each others' heads off. But Briana's desire to visit a psychic infuriates Tonya, and everyone's tempers flare hotter than Cajun gumbo.
Episode 11 New Orleans, New Engagement?
S 2 E 11

New Orleans, New Engagement?

Aired on Mar 11, 2015

While vacationing in New Orleans, tension is at an all-time high as the group anticipates the arrival of Terra’s boyfriend Joe, who hasn’t seen the rest of the group since a fistfight broke out. Todd and Christy start arguing after he sides with his ex-girlfriend Briana instead of backing up his wife. And while Briana is blindly in love with her new Internet boyfriend, the other women are only seeing red flags, and Christy’s ultimate attempt to derail their relationship may blow up in her face.

Episode 12 Friendtervention
S 2 E 12


Aired on Mar 18, 2015

Newly engaged Briana is bombarded by her friends’ concerns after Terra, Tonya and Traci take it upon themselves to do a background check on her new fianc . Their shocking finds are too much for Briana to handle, and she struggles to decide whether or not her relationship is strong enough to withstand his past record. Elena’s clothing line for both average size and little people starts to take shape, but as people start questioning her vision at the photo shoot, the pressure could prove to be more than she can handle. And as Terra’s pregnant belly grows bigger each day, Traci and Tonya’s attempt to throw her a magical baby shower turns into a rainy nightmare.

Episode 13 Reunion Special, Part 1
S 2 E 13

Reunion Special, Part 1

Aired on Mar 25, 2015

The cast of Little Women: LA gets together to revisit the most exciting and dramatic moments from this season as well as provide a sneak peek of what the future holds.

Episode 14 Reunion Special, Part 2
S 2 E 14

Reunion Special, Part 2

Aired on Apr 01, 2015

The cast of Little Women: LA gets together to revisit the most exciting and dramatic moments from this season as well as provide a sneak peek of what the future holds.

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