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 1 Hillbilly in Heels
S 1 E 1

Hillbilly in Heels

Aired on Jan 01, 2014

Renowned pageant coach Kim Gravel takes on outlandish hillbilly Addison and her mom Kelly as a new client. At first Kim’s pageant regulars are not threatened by the new girl but with a lot of polish and Kim’s determination to transform the ill-mannered redneck into a beauty queen, Addison just may surprise everyone.

 2 Preacher's Daughter
S 1 E 2

Preacher's Daughter

Aired on Jan 07, 2014

Pageant Pro Anslee is preparing to compete in talent for the first time. Already feeling uncertain in her singing abilities, her confidence is even more shaken when stunning singer/songwriter Lauren shows up wielding her guitar. Kim sees a possible Miss Georgia in Lauren, but must overcome one major obstacle–her dad, the preacher, who doesn’t believe in pageants.

 3 Angie Goes Rogue
S 1 E 3

Angie Goes Rogue

Aired on Jan 14, 2014

Kim and sister Allisyn are off to the rodeo to wrangle their newest client. Hope, a rough and rowdy cowgirl, will need an extreme makeover–and her mom, convincing to let Kim turn her tomboy into a pageant queen. Meanwhile, crown hog Angie sees red when her daughter Marah is not chosen for the rodeo pageant and decides to take matters and Marah’s coaching into her own hands.

 4 Diva Deconstruction
S 1 E 4

Diva Deconstruction

Aired on Jan 21, 2014

Enabling mother Tateasa wants Kim to train her drop dead gorgeous spoiled daughter Alexis, but Kim isn’t so sure this diva is worth the trouble. Kim must teach her what is truly valuable in life, and then how to win the crown. Meanwhile, the other moms are challenged to see who can take the best head shot of their daughter.

 5 Bookworm into a Butterfly
S 1 E 5

Bookworm into a Butterfly

Aired on Jan 28, 2014

Frustrated with her regular pageant girls’ inability to display personality, Kim introduces smart, quirky pageant newbie EJ as motivation. Kim tries to let EJ’s internal beauty shine through, but mom Elizabeth–who doesn’t believe in makeup for her daughter–has difficulty handing over the reins to Kim. Allisyn, wanting more responsibility, thinks too far out of the “box” for the Pageant Place holiday card.

 6 Karaoke Kid
S 1 E 6

Karaoke Kid

Aired on Feb 04, 2014

Kim’s prayers are answered when she meets little Erin, a tiny girl with a huge voice. Kim enters her in this week’s “Glam” pageant to let the world hear her sing–but worrywart mom Melinda and first time pageant girl Erin are not on board with Kim’s over the top makeover. Meanwhile, singers Anslee and Lauren try to measure up to the huge talent of this little girl and Deb and Angie make sure they are not forgotten either.

 7 Mother of all Makeovers
S 1 E 7

Mother of all Makeovers

Aired on Feb 11, 2014

With a modeling contract on the line, the girls must compete alongside their moms. Can Kim and Jo convince Angie to face her fears and take the stage for Maura’s sake?

 8 If You Can't Beat 'Em, Clog 'Em
S 1 E 8

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Clog 'Em

Aired on Feb 25, 2014

It’s the South vs. the Irish in a battle of the cloggers! When Addison and Maura enter a clogging pageant, Kim calls in a favor from a renowned step-dancing coach. Meanwhile, Jo helps Allysin teach her son to drive.

 9 Talent Trade-Off
S 1 E 9

Talent Trade-Off

Aired on Mar 04, 2014

Kim heads out of town to rescue the Preacher’s Daughter. While she’s away, she wants her pros to perfect new talents. Can Maura sing as well as she clogs?

 10 Allisyn's Big Bet
S 1 E 10

Allisyn's Big Bet

Aired on Mar 18, 2014

Allysin takes Kim to the racetrack to place a bet on a full-throttle beauty. Once Kim uncovers the speed-demon’s hidden talent, the race to the crown is on.

 11 The Swimsuit Saga
S 1 E 11

The Swimsuit Saga

Aired on Mar 25, 2014

The older girls need to compete in swimsuit. Kim and Allysin decide they need to get back into swimsuit shape themselves.

 12 Double Trouble
S 1 E 12

Double Trouble

Aired on Apr 01, 2014

When the girls team up for a dynamic duos pageant, tempers flare among the moms. Kim needs her new identical twin clients to embrace their identities and crush the competition.

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