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 1 Adopted / Caught
S 1 E 1

Adopted / Caught

Aired on Apr 08, 2015

Hannah, mid-30’s, thinks she’s finally found the perfect guy, but a decision from her past becomes an obstacle that she can’t overcome. In the second story, Jordan has a secret that could jeopardize his family’s livelihood, and the secret reveals an even bigger deception that could destroy the entire family.

 2 Escort / RIP
S 1 E 2

Escort / RIP

Aired on Apr 15, 2015

Samantha has a secret life. When she discovers her brother-in-law is cheating on her sister, she’s faced with the dilemma of revealing her secret in order to protect her sister. And in our second story Carol has more information about her sister’s husband’s untimely death than she wants to reveal.

 3 Cougar / Hired
S 1 E 3

Cougar / Hired

Aired on Apr 22, 2015

Monica is in a troubled marriage and risks her entire family as she seeks comfort in a most inappropriate place. Meanwhile, Diane will do anything to get her demanding parents off her back, even if it means debasing herself and putting the family business in jeopardy.

 4 Money / Twins
S 1 E 4

Money / Twins

Aired on Apr 29, 2015

When Jake loses his job, he secretly chooses a career to support the expensive lifestyle he and his girlfriend have grown accustomed to. But that career may devastate their relationship. And when a brother uncovers a disturbing truth about his identical twin, it may jeopardize his entire family.

 5 Family / Surrogate
S 1 E 5

Family / Surrogate

Aired on May 06, 2015

Brad, a commercial pilot and “family man” is concealing a secret so big it jeopardizes everything he’s built over the course of his life. And Aaron and Emily’s marriage is put to the test when their surrogate takes on more duties than bearing their child.

 6 Threesome / Identity
S 1 E 6

Threesome / Identity

Aired on May 13, 2015

Best friends Sara and Lori are both pregnant. They’re sharing the happiest time of their lives, but they’re also sharing something that can destroy their friendship forever. Martin’s new girlfriend loves the fabulous life he leads with a penthouse apartment and an expensive car. But Martin has a dark secret behind his lavish life.

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