Episode 99 Flowers in the Attic: The Story So Far
S 1 E 99

Flowers in the Attic: The Story So Far

Host Jemima Rooper (“Olivia”, Flowers in The Attic: The Origin) and author Andrew Neiderman bring you a special sneak peek of the Lifetime prequel series Flowers In The Attic: The Origin and a revealing look back on the entire Flowers in the Attic series—and its enigmatic author, V.C. Andrews.

 4 Part 4: The Martyr
S 1 E 4

Part 4: The Martyr

Aired on Jul 30, 2022

After losing all her children due to tragedy and tension, Olivia’s newfound religious beliefs instilled in her by her cousin, and her desire to wreck vengeance on those around her, drives her to become the most notorious and terrifying version of herself; a woman capable of locking her grandchildren in the attic upon the return of her daughter after tragedy strikes the family once again…

 3 Part 3: The Murderer
S 1 E 3

Part 3: The Murderer

Aired on Jul 23, 2022

After a devastating and unimaginable loss that will haunt her for the rest of time, Olivia finds both her son and daughter in forbidden relationships. She opposes their unions, but as she tries to hold on, more destruction finds her and pushes her further to her breaking point. Finally, blood is on her hands as an old foe’s fate waits to be revealed.

 2 Part 2: The Mother
S 1 E 2

Part 2: The Mother

Aired on Jul 16, 2022

As Olivia and Malcolm’s family grows in unexpected and questionable ways, she is committed to giving them a childhood full of joy and safety, no matter the cost. However, her efforts prove to be futile as she battles the evils of Foxworth Hall, and her husband’s twisted obsession over a family secret severs their relationship even further.

 1 Part 1: The Marriage
S 1 E 1

Part 1: The Marriage

Aired on Jul 09, 2022

Part 1 introduces Olivia Winfield as she gives up her career, her home, and her name to become Mrs. Malcolm Foxworth, the wife of the nation’s richest man. Leaving behind her father, when she arrives at her new home, Olivia soon realizes that life at Foxworth Hall is far from the fairytale she imagined it would be and begins to question the choices that led her down this path of eventual destruction.

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