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S 2 E 1

Miami Heat is Back

Aired on Jan 23, 2015
It's a brand new competition season and Miss D is determined to turn the Dancing Dolls into an unstoppable dance machine! Talented new rival, the YCDT Supastarz's return to Jackson to prove their victory over the Dolls last season was more than just beginner's luck and Dianna creates an elaborate routine designed to mock their coach, Traci. Meanwhile, new Dancing Doll parent, Tawantza, wastes no time before butting heads with Coach D after her daughter, ZaTia, gets cut.
S 2 E 2

Miss D Loses Her Cool

Aired on Jan 30, 2015
Tensions run high as the Dancing Dolls go head-to-head with archrival, the Divas of Olive Branch, for the very first time since losing to them in last season's Battle Royale. Miss D hires male choreographers to give her girls an aggressive edge in the Hip Hop Trio category while Selena and new mom, Tawantza, bond over their shared love of "being beautiful." Then, at competition, a verbal confrontation between Miss D and the Divas' Coach Neva leads one of them to make a surprising decision!
S 2 E 3

Hometown Showdown

Aired on Feb 06, 2015
The Dancing Dolls face-off against fierce cross-town rival, the Purple Diamonds, for the very first time since a controversial competition last season. Dianna reveals a surprising secret weapon that tests the dancers like never before and the Moms confront Miss D after a risky decision causes them to fear for the girls' safety.
S 2 E 4

Bucking in Bama

Aired on Feb 13, 2015
The Dancing Dolls head deep into uncharted territory when they attend a competition in Mobile, Alabama. Camryn takes the reigns as Head Captain for the week and struggles as she attempts to lead stand battle for the very first time. Meanwhile, Rittany considers taking her niece to join a rival dance squad after she and Dianna clash over Crystianna cheerleading.
S 2 E 5

Selena's Triple Threat

Aired on Feb 20, 2015
Miss D and the girls prepare for a big battle in the Big Easy when a trash-talking old rival reemerges to challenge the Dancing Dolls in New Orleans, Louisiana. Meanwhile, Tina and Rittany rain on Selena's parade after her twin daughters, Star and Sky, make cuts for the pom-pom routine.
S 2 E 6

No Stopping Kayla

Aired on Feb 27, 2015
The Dancing Dolls head deep into enemy territory to challenge Mobile, Alabama's number one dance squad, the Diamondettes, on their own home turf. Meanwhile, Miss D confronts Kayla about her recent weight gain as she prepares for a high stakes solo performance and Star, Sky and ZaTia try their best to crush it in their very first Field Show.
S 2 E 7

Stamp Out Atlanta

Aired on Mar 06, 2015
After losing twice in a row to their hometown rivals, the Purple Diamonds, the pressure is on for the Dancing Dolls to take home a first place trophy this week, or risk losing their reputation as the best majorette dance squad in Jackson, MS. Meanwhile, Camryn struggles after Miss D taps her to represent the team in the solo category and Tawantza pressures her daughter ZaTia to step up her game after Dianna cuts her from creative dance yet again.
S 2 E 8

Traci's Revenge

Aired on Mar 13, 2015
Coach Traci and the YCDT Supastarz return to Mississippi looking for revenge after losing to Dianna and the Dolls the last time they battled. Meanwhile, Miss D steps up her game and creates one of the most elaborate routines she has ever choreographed, and Selena raises hell after Dianna cuts her twin daughters, Star and Sky.
S 2 E 9

Captain Down

Aired on Mar 20, 2015
The Dancing Dolls travel back to Atlanta, Georgia, for a much anticipated rematch against hometown favorites, the Dazzling Divas. Meanwhile, Selena butts heads with Miss D after Sunjai fails to make cuts in creative dance and a freak injury threatens to keep captain Kayla from performing, leaving the Dolls at a major disadvantage.
S 2 E 10

Don't Do it Neva

Aired on Mar 27, 2015

The beef between the Dancing Dolls and the Divas of Olive Branch reaches a whole new level when Miss D and Coach Neva decide to join their squads on the dance floor. Meanwhile, Miss D makes the risky decision to have Tamia lead stand battle in hopes the change will throw the Divas off their game and Crystianna attempts to make history as the youngest Dancing Doll to compete in the solo category, at only 12 years old.

S 2 E 12

Baby Tiger Attack

Aired on Apr 10, 2015
As the Baby Dancing Dolls attempt to defeat their biggest rival, the Baby Prancing Tigerettes, for the first time ever, Tigerette coach Quincy causes a stir when he reveals some controversial choreography. Meanwhile, Tina and Mimi butt heads with the Baby Dancing Doll Moms and Tawantza secretly tries to play the conflict to her advantage by positioning herself as a mentor to the next generation of Dancing Doll Parents.
S 2 E 13

Road to Royale

Aired on Apr 17, 2015
Miss D and the Dancing Dolls finally get a chance to go toe-to-toe with their crosstown rival the Purple Diamonds after losing to them at the beginning of the season. Meanwhile, Miss D challenges head captain, Kayla, to take the reins and run practice as the team prepares for their high stakes rematch and Coach Traci from the YCDT Supastarz of Miami makes a surprise appearance at the competition.
S 2 E 13


Aired on Apr 17, 2015
Coming off a surprising loss to Coach Quincy and the Baby Prancing Tigerettes in the Battle of the Babies, Miss D is out for retribution this week when the Big Dolls go head-to-head with the Tigerettes. Meanwhile, only one of Selena's twin daughters manages to make cuts for the team's 80's-inspired creative dance routine and Dianna accuses Quincy of stealing her choreography.
S 2 E 14

Battle Royale 2015

Aired on Apr 24, 2015
Miss D and the Dancing Dolls face off against their three biggest rivals, Purple Diamonds, YCDT Supastarz of Miami and the Divas of Olive Branch, in the final and most anticipated competition of the season, the Battle Royale. Meanwhile, the girls get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to audition for a full scholarship to the prestigious dance program at DeSales University in Pennsylvania and Dianna surprises the team when she taps Dancing Doll parents, Tina and Mimi, to be the secret weapon for the week.
S 2 E 15

Rival Rehash

Aired on May 01, 2015

In this special episode of Bring It!, exclusive uncut stand battles from this year’s Battle Royale, as well as a special extended version of this past season’s most explosive face-off with the Dolls’ arch nemesis, the Divas of Olive Branch, help provide a new perspective on the Dancing Dolls’ fiercest rivalries. The Baby Dancing Dolls growing competition is also explored in a never-before-seen stand battle versus a strong squad all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio, and the results of the Dancing Dolls’ recent auditions to receive scholarships to the DeSales University dance program are finally revealed.

S 2 E 16

A Whole New Doll Game

Aired on Jul 31, 2015

The summer season is here and things are heating up in the Dollhouse! Miss Dianna is shaking things up in the studio, throwing the team and the Dancing Doll Parents into frenzy. The Captain spot is up-for-grabs and Miss D announces that the top contenders must compete in weekly dance-offs to determine the Captain, making tensions run high. Meanwhile, Dianna’s “favorite” rival coach Neva is back to compete along with a new team from the steaming South, the Xplosive Dance Company of Texas, which brings its army of dancers to battle the Dancing Dolls on the floor.

S 2 E 17

Dancing Dolls NOT For Life

Aired on Aug 07, 2015

The heat of the summer season reaches a boiling point when Tawantza’s temper flares out-of-control. Will a confrontation with Dianna lead to Zatia and Tawantza getting the boot? Meanwhile, the Dancing Dolls take on their hometown rival, The Purple Diamonds, and Miss D has a secret weapon: Jalen, a former Purple Diamond! This reveal leads tension to run high as the girls and moms have to decide if Jalen and her mom, NaShumba are trustworthy–or if they are double agents working both teams.

S 2 E 18

Selena's Makeover Madness

Aired on Aug 14, 2015

Everything is on the line this week as Dianna decides to take a risk and put new dancers on the front lines against returning rival team, Infamous Dancerettes, who have been sharpening their skills and are ready to take on the Dolls. Will trying out a new captain backfire on Miss D? Meanwhile, Selena grows more agitated with Miss D’s inability to tell her twins, Star and Sky, apart and decides to take matters into her own hands. Later, as Kayla prepares for prom, a very special surprise awaits her mom, Tina.

S 2 E 19

The Big Apple and the Bitter Apple

Aired on Aug 21, 2015

The Dancing Dolls are up against a heated rival this week, none other than Quincy and his Prancing Tigerettes. In order to up their game, Dianna surprises six lucky girls with a trip to New York City to work with famed choreographer Tanisha Scott, who will teach them new moves to improve their stands. The moms are ecstatic, but when Selena learns that she’s not going be a part of the trip, she is not happy. Will Selena be able to hold back her feelings or will she risk her position as a DDP at the competition when she comes face to face with Miss D?

S 2 E 20

Saturday Night Fights

Aired on Aug 28, 2015

Coach D takes the Dancing Dolls out of their comfort zone and onto a football field for a spectacular Saturday Night Lights field show and stand battle competition. However, the girls struggle with learning their routines with a full marching band and severe weather looming, their efforts might be for nothing if the competition gets cancelled. Later, Dianna almost comes to blows when she faces her fiercest and loudest rival of the season.

S 2 E 21

"Who You Callin' Cookie?"

Aired on Sep 04, 2015

New teams are traveling far and wide to take on the Dancing Dolls and Miss D is feeling the pressure. During practice, Dianna yells at the girls more than usual, forcing the DDP moms to take matters into their own hands and confront Miss D in an intervention to address her coaching style. Meanwhile, for first the first time in Dancing Dolls history, only three girls will compete in the stand battle.

S 2 E 22

Pom Pom Panic

Aired on Sep 11, 2015

Pom-poms are flying this week as Dianna coaches the girls through a Southern stand-off. New coaches stoop to all-time lows but Dianna must shake it off and stay on course for a grueling competition in three different categories. Meanwhile, we see a softer side of Miss D as she renews her wedding vows to husband, Robert.

S 2 E 23

Tick, Tick, Boom!

Aired on Sep 18, 2015

With the Summer Slam Dance Championship only week away, the girls feel extra pressure to show off their talents and prove to Miss D that they have what it takes to be captain of the team next season. Emotions are running high in the Dollhouse as Kayla and Sunjai graduate from High School. Meanwhile, the Xplosive team from Dallas is back and they’re ready to prove that “bigger things come out of Texas.”

S 2 E 24

Summer Slam

Aired on Sep 25, 2015

It is tense in the Dollhouse — after a season of competing for the captain position, Dianna will finally name the team’s next leader. Later, the Dancing Dolls face their fiercest rivals and the girls will attempt to knock out their opponents to win the championship title and a $5,000 prize. Plus, get ready to Step It Up! In this new series, we will follow Miss D’s fiercest rival, dance coach Traci Young-Bryon, and her Young Contemporary Dance Theater (YCDT) Supastarz. In this studio, the biggest competition isn’t other teams…it’s each other. They must dance their hearts out every week to earn coveted spots to perform for high-stakes clients in Miami…or risk being cut.

S 2 E 25

Bonus Round Special

Aired on Oct 02, 2015

Dianna holds nothing back as she opens the Dollhouse vault and reveals never-before-seen footage from the studio and competitions. From fights in the viewing room to an all-out war between moms on the dance floor, Dianna gives viewers a special inside look at what really happens behind-the-scenes at the Dollhouse.


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