In a fit of rage, Kim's husband kills her ex-boyfriend.

About the Movie

Stylist Kim is happily married to her husband, John. On the way to a company event, John raves over a new co-worker named Grant, and when Kim meets him, she is shocked to realize it’s her ex-boyfriend. Unwilling to spoil John’s excitement, Kim and Grant keep their history a secret. When Kim’s husband, John, sees her and Grant out together one day, he becomes consumed by jealousy and confronts Kim, but she brushes him off. Unable to get over it, John arrives home to find Grant on the sofa with Kim, and in a fit of rage kills Grant. Worried that they will be implicated in the murder, Kim directs John to impersonate Grant in a desperate coverup that spirals into obsession. Starring Chaley Rose, B. J. Britt, and Anthony Dalton II (2024).

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