The Bachelor Next Door

A couple's new neighbor becomes increasingly threatening and peculiar.

About the Movie

Gavin and Alex have never met the mysterious man who moved in next door. But one day, while Alex is home alone, their house catches on fire. Suddenly, a strange man kicks in the door, extinguishes the fire, and saves Alex. Meet: Donnie–the neighbor. To pay Donnie back for his heroics, they invite him to a barbecue to meet some of the other neighbors. He also meets Alex’s sister, Sage, and the two have instant chemistry. But Donnie becomes progressively more threatening and peculiar, and Gavin’s suspicions start to mount. Did Donnie set the fire? Digging deeper, Gavin discovers Donnie has a secret past and must find a way to prove it. But Donnie has set his sights on his ultimate prize: Alex. Gavin and Alex must work together to unravel Donnie’s twisted motives for wreaking havoc on their lives… before it’s too late. Haylie Duff, Michael Welch, Steven Bruns, Brittany Underwood star. (2017)

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