Swindler Seduction

About the Movie

When Louisa meets handsome and sweet Steve at a bar in Chicago, he seems like the perfect guy: an angel investor and entrepreneur who just sold a company for millions. 48 blissful, sexy hours and countless lies later, Steve disappears, and Louisa realizes she’s been swindled out of thousands of dollars. The police won’t help her but after Louisa finds out she’s pregnant, she sets out to track down Steve on her own, only to discover he has an identical twin, Mitch, and the brothers are both romantic con artists. As Louisa digs deeper, she uncovers how women have been hurt by the swindler twins and decides she must fight back. Using her wits, courage, and determination to not be fooled again, Louisa tries to outsmart the twins and serve justice for all their victims. Stars Gabrielle Graham and Colton Haynes (2022).

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