Secrets on Greek Row

About the Movie

Sorority president Kaylee’s carefree college life explodes when her boyfriend Wally is killed in a bizarre hot tub electrocution accident at a party. But was it really an accident? Wally’s mother, Sabrina, suspects Kaylee intentionally corrupted her son with drugs and alcohol as revenge for what his father did to her mother. Sabrina isn’t the only one who thinks Kaylee drugged Wally–sorority sisters Winter and Lori are also suspicious. Kaylee fights to prove her innocence; but these claims are tested when she hosts a sorority party and fraternity president Chase nearly dies after drinking the GHB-tainted party punch. When Kaylee discovers the horrifying truth, she must fight for her life. Stars Lucy Loken, Grace Patterson, Jessica Morris, Mason Mecartea, and Logan Mackenzie Wallace (2023).

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