Cheryl finds out her daughter is dancing as a pole dancer to pay for college.

About the Movie

When single mother Cheryl finds out her daughter Ashley is dancing as a pole dancer at a night club to pay her way through college, she is furious and threatens to disown her. She regrets their fight when Ashley goes missing and cops provide no help finding her. Cheryl is certain the key to finding her daughter lies in the club she worked at. To gain the trust of the dancers and patrons, Cheryl gets a job as a dancer at the club. Cheryl doesn’t tell anyone who she is until she gains the trust of bartender Jake, who agrees to help find Ashley. But every lead they follow ends nowhere. Cheryl finds herself falling in love with Jake–only to discover that his brother Rick is the one who kidnapped Ashley and is holding her prisoner. Rick is in love with Ashley and envisioned having a life with her. But Jake refuses to turn in Rick and traps Cheryl in the basement with Ashley. Stars Jessica Morris, Philip Boyd, Jessica Lynn Wallace (2024).

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