Her Study of a Killer

About the Movie

Active with her elite prep school alma mater, Ellie joins the planning committee for her high school reunion. During a meeting, Ellie learns that her daughter discovered the body of the school’s beloved theater teacher, Ms. Meadows, on campus. Ellie is especially distraught by Ms. Meadows’ death given she was not only one of her students but because Ms. Meadows helped Ellie when she became pregnant her senior year of high school. When Ellie returns home from the school, she finds her house has been raided and a friendship bracelet saying, “Blood will have blood” left behind. She recognizes the bracelet from her high school days, which makes her concerned for her family’s safety. With increasingly deadly incidents happening to Ellie’s family by the day, she must uncover who is trying to use her high school secrets against her before she loses her family forever. Stars Natasha Wilson, Tyler Courtad, Jenna Michno, and Shannon Gallagher (2023).

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