Premieres Sat., July 20 at 8/7c; Stream Next Day

The story of Shannon, an ambitious college student who disappears.

About the Movie

Abducted at an HBCU: A Black Girl Missing Movie follows the story of Shannon (Tanyell Quian), an ambitious college student who is struggling to pay her college tuition and eventually stops attending classes. The only person who notices Shannon’s sudden disappearance is her college counselor Ellen (Naturi Naughton). Ellen’s concerns are dismissed by Shannon’s professors, campus administration, students and even her own boyfriend. Instead of answers, Ellen is met with careless comments about how “girls like that” from underserved communities often drop out of school. Determined to find Shannon, Ellen inadvertently uncovers a trafficking ring targeting students in need like Shannon. With time running out, Ellen must fight tirelessly to gain the support she needs to rescue Shannon and bring down the trafficking ring.

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