Cindy finally finds love again but her best friend pleads with her to leave.

About the Movie

Following the death of her husband, single mom Cindy (Laura Ramsey), finally finds love again with mechanic Randy Roth (Colin Egglesfield) but her wedded bliss soon turns dark when she discovers another side of Randy. Despite the pleas of her best friend Lori (Chrishell Stause) to leave her marriage, Cindy never gets that opportunity after she drowns during a trip to a lake with Randy and the kids. Emotionless following Cindy’s death, Randy orders her immediate cremation, takes custody of Cindy’s kids and attempts to collect on her life insurance policy. Determined to honor Cindy and find the truth, Lori uncovers more of Randy’s past, discovering that Cindy may not have been the first wife murdered at his hands. (2023).

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