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Kiera Knightly Just Opened Up About This Hush-Hush Women’s Condition

Kiera Knightly just took a big step forward in recognizing and destigmatizing female hair loss. Brava! (Elle)

As usual, JK Rowling is handing out digital justice via Twitter. (Huffington Post)

Christie Brinkley’s daughter is also fighting back against the trolls. (Yahoo!)

Seeing a lot of crown tattoos on women lately? Here’s the awesome reason why. (HelloGiggles)

As promised, Amber Heard is donating her entire $7 million divorce settlement from Johnny Depp to charity. Good on her. (Jezebel)


“Finding feminism was such a moment of, Oh here’s my tribe. They have all been through what I’ve been through,” says Rowan Blanchard. (Refinery29)

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