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J.K. Rowling’s Stunning News And Everything Else You Missed This Weekend

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Were you sleeping off the conventions this weekend? Hitting the beach? Chilling with the family? Just looking for the bottom of a glass of wine? Good for you! Now, catch up on the news that slipped by you while you were enjoying a little digital detox.


The script for J.K. Rowling’s much-anticipated theatrical sequel to the Harry Potter books, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, dropped, and millions of readers caught a serious case of the feels. (Bustle)

On the downside, Rowling also announced that after 26 years of working within that magical universe, The Cursed Child would be her last Potter project. Tears. (Elite Daily)

Rihanna’s new video, “Goodbye Gotham,” is literally a gift to her fans. (Mashable)

Instagram just took a massive step forward in addressing the constant sexual harassment, trolling, and bullying many users experience on the platform. (Refinery29)

Tokyo elected its first female governor, Yuriko Koike. (CNN)

Finally, Miranda Priestly and Emily are getting back together. (Elle)


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