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Inspired by a true story. When Zack, a shy, awkward middle-class boy searching to be accepted by his high school classmates meets Natalie, the promise of popularity and friendship soon becomes a reality when they begin "shopping" in the closets of the rich and famous. Empowered by the thrill of not getting caught and under the impression the stolen goods will make them popular, Zack, Natalie and a few other friends begin breaking into the homes of a number of major celebrities, robbing them of millions of dollars in clothes, shoes and jewelry. As their crimes begin to attract the attention of the media, the group succeeds in becoming the envy of their peers. Meanwhile, Zack's mother, happy to see that her son has finally made friends, is blissfully unaware of his crime spree...until it begins to attract the wrong kind of attention....Read more

Starring: Austin Butler, Jennifer Grey, Yin Chang

Genre: Teen, True Crime