The Most Creative Self-Defense Devices

If you are ever in a defenseless situation, your natural instinct is to find another way out. For Lifetime movies, that means grabbing whatever (and we mean whatever) is around to defend themselves from danger.

1. Rolling Pin

Babysitter's Nightmare | 2018

Not just for pie crusts anymore!

2. Frying Pan

Stalked By My Doctor: Patient's Revenge| 2015

Countless Lifetime movies have proven this as a tried and true weapon of defense.

3. Cutting Board

Babysitter's Nightmare | 2018

It can't do much to harm your attacker, but it works great as a shield!

4. Vase

Babysitter's Nightmare | 2018

It is a shame to have destroy something so pretty, but worth it if it saves your life.

5. Pool Skimmer

Babysitter's Nightmare | 2018

Let’s hope you know how to swim because where there’s a pool skimmer, there’s a pool.