Little Women: Dallas

Lifetime’s franchise heads to The Lone Star State with Little Women: Dallas.

About the Show

Lifetime’s popular franchise heads to The Lone Star State with “Little Women: Dallas,” premiering Wednesday, November 2 at 10pm ET/PT. When Bri Barlup and Emily Fernandez move from Atlanta to Texas after dealing with some hard times, they are ready to shake things up with a whole group of new little ladies who prove that although everything is not always “bigger” in Texas, the drama certainly is!

“Little Women: Dallas” is produced by Kinetic Content. Chris Coelen (“Married at First Sight”), Eric Detwiler (“Little Women: LA”), Katie Griffin (“Little Women: Atlanta”), Karrie Wolfe (“Seven Year Switch”), Melissa Tallerine (“The Little Couple”) and Terra Jolé serve as executive producers, along with Lifetime’s Mary Donahue, Mariana Flynn and Noah Moskin. Thirteen episodes have been ordered for this season.

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