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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Respect
“Think Green” helps to increase awareness about our environment. From the air we breathe to the water so necessary for life and the energy required to power our civilization; all have been impacted by humanity’s demands on what mother earth can give us. This is the serious side of “Designing Spaces.”

The show partners with environmental experts, green associations and organizations and the world’s leading corporations to help make a difference to our planet. Our objective is to re-educate, re- think, and reconsider the environment as part of our economy, health, and community which all must work together effectively to create a “greener lifestyle.” The show answers many questions regarding homeowner’s misconceptions and offers candid advice for families who want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. What is the best way to make your home more energy efficient? How do you know if a company is “green washing” their products? What’s the difference between open-cell and closed-cell insulation? What can a family recycle besides glass, cans and paper? “Think Green” provides these answers and more…..with clear-cut solutions to help viewers take on remodeling projects, retro fits, the benefits of “going green to save green”, while inspiring them to lessen their own carbon footprint. A healthier environment means healthier lives for all of us. “Designing Spaces” believes it is time to “Think Green” and take care of our home--- our ultimate living space, planet earth!


Wrapping Up Beautifully
“Designing Spaces for the Holidays” is the premier programming of our “family of spaces.” This wonderful edition brings our family to yours by combining the very best of the entire series with pure makeover magic and extraordinary holiday fare. Let us inspire and entertain you as we dazzle with indoor and outdoor décor, create stunning holiday table settings from casual to couture, prepare holiday classics and gourmet treats, provide unforgettable family bonding projects that are made with love, celebrate old traditions and create new ones, and finally, highlight the hottest gift giving ideas that will please everyone on every shopping list. The series wraps up beautifully and offers everything our viewers need to have a happy, healthy, stress free, and truly enjoyable holiday.


Making A Difference
In The Lives We Touch “Designing Spaces of Hope” is dedicated to raise awareness about distinct causes that relate to American children and families who are in need of safe, healthy, and loving environments. We are on a five year journey visiting unique places across the nation and making over special spaces that impact lives. Our journey includes hospitals, foster care agencies, transitional facilities, homeless shelters, aging communities and our next door neighbors who need our help. We have put together an amazing roster of All-Stars who are also known as the “Designing Spaces Dream Team”. Our roster includes television producers, educators, medical experts, celebrities, sports legends, country music bands, military heroes, world class organizations and corporations, volunteers who work endlessly, and of course…..all the children and families who are the TRUE All- Stars of the Dream Team. Join us, as we make a difference in the lives we touch by designing spaces for positive living and a place to call home!


They Are Our Future!
“Kids Spaces” recognizes the need to make a difference in the lives of children by appealing to time-starved parents with information they need to be the most effective parents they can be. The show takes parents on a journey through parenting with inspiration, guidance and a whole lot of fun. When it’s time to transform a child’s room from average to amazing, “Kids Spaces” seeks to create the fantasy with help from their favorite cartoon characters and beloved super heroes. Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, SpongeBob Square Pants, Thomas the Train, and Spiderman, make kids’ dream bedrooms and play rooms a wonderful reality. The show also provides solutions for the various ages and the “stubborn stages” that all kids go through. Our stories give parents smart advice on health and nutrition, finance, back- to school-savings, and super cool clothing that appeals to every fashionista. For the teens who love tech, we are one step ahead by showing state-of-the-art new technology and smart innovations that will satisfy all the “digital divas” and avid video gamers. As producers and parents of Kids Spaces, we must continue to educate with powerful learning and keep all lines of communication open with our children. This will enable them to grow up loved, healthy and extremely strong because they are our future!


Cooking Up Reality
“All Mixed Up” is a half hour reality cooking show that combines the perfect mix of ingredients for food competition, food history, and exciting culinary adventure. Three up-and-coming chefs compete before a panel of judges by taking simple ingredients and America’s favorite brands, and turning them into three unique, three course meals. All must complete an Appetizer, Entrée and a Dessert. Each episode will discover original recipes and food history that will motivate the cooking novice who can’t boil water….and the seasoned “foodie” who can’t get enough about food…. Both will learn how they can create great meals at home as they root for their favorite chefs who are mixing up their masterpieces from the huge mixing bowls that are placed before them. All will have 30 minutes to complete each course as the clock ticks away relentlessly exposing all the “heat” and drama while the pressure is on! Who will survive being “All Mixed Up”? and….Who Will Win the Competition? Tune in as we blend together a cup of inspiration, high energy, and lots of fun, and unfold a delicious television show that Cooks Up Reality and is….... “All Mixed Up!”