Jessalynn & JoJo

Jessalynn (Mom)

This season, Jess is no longer the new mom in town and seems to finally fit in as a member of the Elite team. However, if & when Abby starts to lose focus on the Elites, Jess won’t sit back as a dance mom for long if Abby continues her path of negligence toward the junior elites and is ready and willing to step in as the dance teacher she is back home, if Abby doesn’t get her act together FAST. Although Jess knows JoJo is more personality than technique, she puts a firm foot down when it comes to what she will allow JoJo to put on stage and fears that Abby will sabotage her seemingly booming career outside of the studio.

JoJo (Elite)

JoJo has been working hard outside of the studio and is even taking the steps toward a booming music career! However, halfway through what has been a great season for JoJo, she finds herself in a position where Abby pushes her too far out of her comfort zone, so JoJo must choose whether to persevere, or find comfort elsewhere.