Bring It! Season 5 Bonus Scenes

Bonus: The Dolls Perform Their HBCU Routine
10m 32s tv-pg
Bonus: The DDPs Feed Alligators
3m 56s tv-pg
Bonus: Carolyn's Dance Land's Anti-Violence Creative Dance
6m 24s tv-pg
Bonus: Dancing Dolls Cops and Robbers Creative Dance
5m 58s tv-pg
Bonus: Quad Competes in the Captains' Battle
3m 39s tv-pg
Bonus: The Dancing Dolls Barbz Creative Dance
4m 27s tv-pg
Bonus: The Dolls Need More Spunk in Their Jazz-Funk
1m 16s tv-pg
Bonus: Pink Heart and the Dancing Dolls Freestyle
6m 2s tv-pg
Bonus: The Dancing Dolls vs. Next Level Dance Stand Battle
5m 39s tv-pg
Bonus: The Dolls and Boys Prep for a Music Video
2m 23s tv-pg
Bonus: Heat Duet Creative Dance
2m 37s tv-pg
Bonus: Dancing Dolls Duet Creative Dance
3m 5s tv-pg
Bonus: The Boys Are Nervous About the Choreographer Challenge
3m 38s tv-pg
Bonus: Stand Battle Against Black Ice
13m 11s tv-pg
Bonus: Crystianna's Sudden Exit
1m 58s tv-pg
Bonus: Dancing Dolls Creative Dance
3m 34s tv-pg
Bonus: Stand Battle Against the Prancing Tigerettes
3m 56s tv-pg
Bonus: Miss D and Marquell Make Cuts During the Hip Hop Routine Rehearsal
1m 52s tv-pg
Bonus: Dancing Dolls Full Hip Hop Routine at Hip Hop Creative Competition
5m 7s tv-pg
Bonus: Fiya Dance University Full Hip Hop Routine at Hip Hop Creative Competition
3m 49s tv-pg
Dianna and Quincy Clash
1m 19s tv-pg
Tina and Mimi's Coach Battle
2m 31s tv-pg
Birmingham Moms Challenge Dianna
2m 24s tv-pg
Mimi's Got Game
3m 25s tv-pg
DDP Prop Showdown
4m 48s tv-pg
Mimi Visits Selena
4m 8s tv-pg
Bonus: Dance Divas of Olive Branch Stands in Stands
1m 38s tv-pg
Bonus: Dianna Prepares Her Babies
1m 1s tv-pg
Bonus: Not Mean Just to Be Mean
1m 51s tv-pg
Bonus: Babies Trio Competition
6m 0s tv-pg
Bonus: Getting Personal with Empire Dance Company
2m 4s tv-pg
Bonus: Dianne & Marquell vs. Empire
1m 27s tv-pg
Bonus: DD4L Supermarket Showdown
4m 55s tv-pg
Bonus: A Dancing Dolls Pizza Party
2m 23s tv-pg
Bonus: Mimi Talks to Selena About "Twinning"
4m 14s tv-pg
Bonus: Line Dancing DDPs
4m 16s tv-pg

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