Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg

Howard K. Stern

Actor, director, and producer Adam Goldberg is a familiar face to movie and television fans alike. On the big screen, he has appeared in “(UNTITLED)”, “Dazed and Confused,” Steven Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan”, “A Beautiful Mind” and “Zodiac.” He has also directed two features — the comedy “Scotch and Milk” and the thriller “I Love Your Work” — and produced the travel documentary “Running With the Bulls.”

Goldberg is known for memorable television roles including Matthew Perry’s unstable roommate on “Friends” and a movie producer’s spoiled son on “Entourage.” He has also starred on ABC’s “The Unusuals” and in CBS’s NYC 2-2.

Goldberg was born in Santa Monica, California, and as a teen studied acting, which he pursued at Sarah Lawrence College.

Goldberg lives in Los Angeles and plays in the band LANDy. His latest endeavors on the movie app Vine have garnered international attention.