Join comedians and Lifetime fanatics Naomi Ekperigin and Megan Gailey every week as they recap a different Lifetime movie beat-by-beat. Going through every gripping, outrageous plot twist with the help of special guests from the films themselves and the entertainment world at large, the hosts break down just what makes a Lifetime movie so instantly iconic – and seek advice from their new Lifetime pals on how they can nab a starring role for themselves someday. Lifetime movies should be enjoyed in the company of your best friends – and Naomi and Megan have got you covered.

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Deadly Mile High Club

Did I Kill My Mother?

How I Met Your Murderer

The Madam of Purity Falls

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance


Mother May I Sleep With Danger

Tempted By Danger

V.C. Andrews' Ruby

Love By The 10th Date

Pool Boy Nightmare

Sleepwalking in Suburbia‬

Introducing: I Love A Lifetime Movi‪e‬


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