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Working Moms Work A Ton

Working moms
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    Working Moms Work A Ton

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      Working Moms Work A Ton

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      November 16, 2018

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Survey says: working moms put in longer hours than CEO’s.

Fempire says: duh.

A study commissioned by Cenovis Women’s Health Index found that women who balance motherhood and career work up to 80 hours of unpaid and paid work a week. To put that into perspective, with help from data collected by Domo, CEO’s put in an average of 58 hours of work weekly.

Of course this isn’t news to us, but it is sort of validating to see it in survey form. Our hope: that studies like this help to bring workplace reform for working moms like you. Between bringing home the bacon, doing all the baking and maintaining your own health and sanity, we know all too well that the struggle is REAL.

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