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Hitting Pause

Menopause: widely experienced, rarely discussed
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    Hitting Pause

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      Hitting Pause

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      November 16, 2018

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Menopause: widely experienced, rarely discussed. Not counting cheap hot flash jokes (really, guys), it’s rare to see the topic covered publicly.

It’s time to de-stigmatize menopause, and this honest essay by writer Mary Ruefle is one giant leap in the right direction.

In it, the writer reflects on her menopause journal (deftly referred to as her “cryalog”), waxes poetic about the depressive, invisible and out of character feelings that come with the change, and comes out the other side with the lovely sentiment that menopause isn’t the end of life at all, but a mere pause.

“Pause” is part of Ruefle’s forthcoming book “My Private Property,” out September 2016. We can hardly wait.

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