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Rachel Bloom Was Your True North This Week

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Rachel Bloom, the brilliant creator of the musical one-hour comedy My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, could pretty much be our crush any day, any hour. But recently she’s covered herself in so much glory that she owned the week (a bit of a feat given that her show is on summer hiatus).

First, Bloom gave us a peek behind the dirty, dirty lie that is red-carpet fashion in this segment on the myth-busting Adam Ruins Everything. Take a look. 


Yes, the truth is less than beautiful, but even when she’s revealing the ugly underbelly of Hollywood style, Bloom makes it bright and tasty (tasty like cheese shoes!).

But that wasn’t all, oh no. Bloom then also blew up Hollywood casting’s spot by revealing the role breakdowns offered for women in Backstage magazine.


Woof. Depressing, right? But because Bloom always, always finds a way to make talking about the depressing funny, charming, and so, so woke, she offered up this satirical reimagining of her own casting call for her critically acclaimed show.


Ahh, that’s better. Keep fighting the good fight, girl—you’re winning!

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